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The Outlaw Standard Beard Grooming Kit

Outlaw - Beard Grooming Essentials Set with Beard Shaping Comb or Beard Brush

Any guy who is struggling with their beard - whether it is just getting out of hand, they don’t like the look of it or just aren’t really ‘feeling’ it anymore.

This is the beard grooming set we point them to.

Why? First off, it smells freaking awesome (with our premium scented range). Plus it has everything you could possibly need for your beard to look the part.


Created with a bay rum infusion - if you are after one of the manliest scents around - trust us on this, the Outlaw will not let you down. Not by a long shot. We always reach for it when it comes to a night out, date night, festival… anything with a bit of fun attached.

One of the most wanted beard grooming kits on the whole store - and for a very, very good reason. It offers quite frankly awesome value for money - not only are you getting the entire premium range of beard goods (the outlaw) at a cut price but the highly regarded beard comb or brush is thrown into the mix as well. Really, it’s hard to go wrong here. If you are doing though, please shoot us across a message and we’ll be with you soon.

Key Features

So let’s find out exactly what is in this beard maintenance essentials set:

  • A premium range beard oil to provide exactly what your beard craves
  • A beard moisturiser to provide the necessary hydration to prevent beard issues
  • A moustache wax to keep your beard healthy but also looking on point
  • A specially made sandalwood beard comb to keep everything in check and well maintained or 100% boar bristle brush
  • Save 21% compared to if you were to buy all the goods separately

How to Use

All your beard needs are taken care of with this package. The beard oil is simple to use, simply pour a few drops into your palm and then work it directly through the beard. Likewise, for the balm but just scrape it out and use at the opposite end of the day to prevent your beard getting too oily. Then the stache wax is just to style your awesome moustache, gather some from the tin, smelt it into your fingers and apply directly on your stache.


See our full list of ingredients here :

The Outlaw Beard Oil - The Outlaw Multi Beard Balm - The Outlaw Stache Wax


If for whatever reason you decide this product is not for you, get in touch using the contact form within a week and we offer a 14 day returns guarantee. 

Read our full delivery and returns policy.

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