Old Smoke Standard Beard Grooming Kit

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Old Smoke - Beard Grooming Essentials Set with Wooden Beard Comb or Boar Brush

This is solid beard grooming kit for beardsman want to achieve the following three things:

  1.  A better looking beard (that is well maintained and appears thicker).
  2.  Those that want to maintain a healthier beard (providing the nutrition and moisture a beard requires).
  3. beard that’s easier to live with (less irritability, feels softer, no beard dandruff etc.)

Let’s delve into the set and find out more about what’s contained inside:

  • A top quality homebrewed beard oil to provide the conditioning your beard desires
  • A multi moisturising beard balm that helps to retain the hydration for longer
  • A moustache wax that gets to work on help retain structure to your whiskers
  • A sandalwood robust beard comb that brings shape, structure and order to your beard or our wooden boar brush
  • Save 21% compared to if you were to buy all the goods separately



Does it really get much better than this? A whiskey and cigar smell sensation.

No, we thought not. Needless to say, it’s probably our favourite scent we’ve crafted.

Hopefully, the message is pretty clear. This is a beard kit that we are very fond of. It contains the very necessities for the foundation of making a darn right standard beard into a freaking awesome one. And of course if it isn’t quite working out the way you want it to - drop us a message, we’ll help set you right as best we can.


See our full ingredients list here :

Old Smoke Beard Oil - Old Smoke Multi Beard Balm - Old Smoke Stache Wax


If for whatever reason you decide this product is not for you, get in touch using the contact form within a week and we offer a 7 day returns guarantee. 

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