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Legends Beard Oil Collection

The Legends Beard Oil Collection Set - Marian - Tuck - The Outlaw


Looking for the perfect beard oil set? Eloquently put, this is our new premium beard oil collection and their specially designed for those who require that special something extra to their beard. It’s rather modest of us to say, but a huge amount of added passion went into these beard oils. Ideal for as a gift to either yourself or beloved beardsmen in your life. 

Introducing the 'Legends Beard Oil Collection'.

Including 3 of our most deluxe beard oils, deliberately produced with the roots of Robin Hood and the tradition that come with the legend.

Marian - A hand crafted well-blended choice of new ingredients, the main addition of benzoin which adds a sweet yet dark and infatuated explosion of excellence and quality, blended well with rosemary to release an exciting yet subtle sensual floral aroma, lastly with the mellow yet soft undertone of coconut to deliver that final passionate sentiment. When we imagine Maid Marian, this is the scent that infatuates our mind.

Tuck - We decided we wanted to produce a real nose turning oil with a dark quenching scent of blackcurrant to really give the oil the passion it deserves. Then the sedative of mulled wine to really show the spirit of Frior Tuck adding a prominent and potent strength. That’s not the end of it – We’ve added a special feature of pomegranate to really blast the oil into a pureness of rich perfection, allowing the light fruitiness to release as the day gets wiser.

The Outlaw - There's so much we can say about this beard oil, firstly being our best selling oil of 2018, the most requested and the most batched. With a tonic of aged adventurous sweet bay rum, subtle hints of musky cigar to seize a much darker and masculine tone, a humble linger of cedarwood to add to the overall quality, an extra helping of cognac to balance the sweetness and dominance and lastly black pepper to give it that final kick it deserves. Overall - This is for the mans man in you.


  • Actively helping to make your beard more manageable and in amazing condition
  • A premium ultra-nourishing collection that to put it simply: upgrades your facial hair game
  • Makes your beard a fresher, more vigorous (yet natural) sheen
  • Protects you from beard flakes, shedding, breakages, split ends and more.
  • Of course your beard will also be left smelling like the ultimate legend.
  • Save 15% by buying in the legends collection rather than individually (Should of been £41.85)

How to use the beard oil set

Twist the child resistant cap to open, pull out the dropper and squeeze some onto your palms of your hands, massaging right through your beard as desired. The longer the beard the more oil you’re going to need. A rough rule of thumb goes by for every month you’ve grown your beard add couple of extra drops. So, after one month of growth is three drops of beard oil each day. You’ll soon get a feel for what’s just right.


Marian Beard Oil

Tuck Beard Oil

The Outlaw Beard Oil


If for whatever reason you decide this product is not for you, get in touch using the contact form within a week and we offer a 14 day returns guarantee.  Read our full delivery and returns policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The biggest and best beard Products to come from the Shire and Nottingham

Legends Set

This set includes the outstanding Outlaw sent (which I have previously purchased, used and reviewed) and two new scents which I am unfamiliar with. Packaging, as always, was excellent and made sure their we're no breakages. Upon opening and smelling the two new scents, they also seem to be superb. One is quite a 'clean' scent compared to Outlaw, and this was Marian I believe. Tuck was a bit more earthy, and still very pleasant. I'm still yet to use them on my Beard, so cannot say how long the scents last for, as I had ran out of Outlaw and this took precedent being my favourite scent. Both Marian and Tuck seem to be on a winner, and get included in my top 4 scents from RHBC, with Outlaw and Dark Honey. Just need Balms to go with them now!

Great quality and smells amazing!

My first purchase, was the outlaw balm
And the legends collection! They smell amazing and are great quality keep my beard smelling great and styled well throughout the whole day my favourite is TUCK and then OUTLAW love thoughts scents with mandolin a close second! and make my beard feel soft and fresh even the next day! Great pricing for the high quality that this brand and collection is!

Legends Collection

3 different scents and they're all amazing. The Outlaw is particularly good but all of them are fantastic. The scents are so good it's almost a bonus that they leave my beard soft and the skin underneath feeling so good. Robin Hood products are, without a doubt, the best you can get and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Valentine present

This was a gift for my husband. He seemed very happy to have them and can't wait to try them.

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