Dark Honey Texture Balm

  • Dark Honey Texture Balm

Dark Honey Texture Balm


Just as addictive as the beard oil with added hold and thickness

Like the Dark Honey Beard Oil, our Beard Texture Balm is made from the same natural ingredients with only added beeswax and shea butter to give it life. Not only does it have a rich honey scent, it’s also earthy and gives a much calmer after scent, with a slight bitterness to keep it intriguing and sweetly addictive. 

Made to the best standard to promote healthy beard growth and maintenance, we figured there's plenty of beard balms on the market now days and not enough of something different. So we made a beard balm with added thickness to give the beard a better hold than normal beard balms even in the wind, but still allowing the freedom to flow naturally. 

Beeswax, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils

You can apply our beard texture balms as less or often as you like, use on a dry beard, using once in the morning lasts the typical beardsman all day. Apply by warming a fingertip amount into your palm and rubbing into your beard evenly. 

Our texture balms help promote healthy beard hair growth and keep your beard maintained at all times, providing the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins to your beard hair and skin keeping it in the best shape it can be, helping to avoid beard hair loss and decrease skin irritation. Texture balm is a great substitute to beard oil, giving you the benefits of beard oils yet easier and faster to apply. 

If you decide you don’t like any of our products for whatever reason, you have a 7 day return guarantee, either exchange it for another beard care product or get a full refund, we can't say fairer than that. Simply get in touch. 

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