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Boar Beard Brush

Boar Bristle Beard Brush


Of all the accessories, boar bristle brushes are our favourite. They help to stimulate beard growth, distribute oils naturally throughout your beard and keep your beard looking completely on point.

What’s more we purposefully chose natural boar bristles as it acts to work better with or product range at distributing natural oils (sebum) as well as beard balm and oil right along the shaft and also removes and draws out an excess product that’s present within the beard. Quite simply, it makes sure your beard is looking well-kept and looking on point.

The brush head and handle is made from 100% Beechwood for a sturdy hold, and 100% Boar brush of medium stiffness fixed into the head for an effective and forceful brush but just soft enough on the ends to avoid splitting your beard hairs and make brushing extremely easy (and is one of the key benefits you should be looking for in any good quality beard brush).

Also being coated for a shiny exterior, which in turn prevents oils and balms from absorbing into the body of the brush which can make it weaker and potentially break in the long run, and we all know that's not good, especially if it's the only one you've got.

What makes this brush so special is that it works great on the beard itself or the moustache, you can use Moustache Wax or Texture Beard Balm before or after to make the beard brush work brilliantly, adding great shape and definition.

Whats an added bonus is that the brush is just the right size to carry around with you anywhere you go, it's compact enough to fit in your jacket pocket or slip into the front of your gym bag, great for beardsmen on the go.

If you are in the midst of debating whether to choose the beard brush or our a comb, then we’ve done a handy comparison (hint: we recommend most guys go for the brush).

How to Use

Hold the brush on by the handle, start from one side of your beard next to the ear by brushing downwards gently, then working the other side. When the side hairs have been brushed downwards, place above your bottom lip and horizontally brush outwards to shape your stache on both sides. Then place below the lower lip and brush downwards to work the front beard into place, use on a wet or dry beard, and with or without moustache wax or beard balm. For more details and a step by step breakdown on using our beard brush.

Key Features

  • 100% Beechwood handle and body
  • 100% Boar Bristle
  • Coated to prevent wood corrosion
  • Medium hardness and soft bristle ends
  • Compact to carry around anywhere in your pocket or bag
  • Works perfectly when applying beard balm or moustache wax
  • Durable and heavy-duty brush
  • 155mm body length, 40mm body width, 10mm head thickness, 10mm bristle length


Always store away from wet or damp areas. Do not wash under the tap, use a damp cloth and rub the brush head and body thoroughly to remove any residue. Use a dry cloth and brush to remove any hairs and residue from the bristles.


If for whatever reason you decide this product is not for you, get in touch using the contact form within a week and we offer a 7 day returns guarantee. Checkout today for fast UK delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Legendary Beard Brush

Another great product from RHBC, use it everyday to help work those beard product in.
Very well made, love the logo on the handle!


Very good service 5 stars

Basil brush

Happy with boar brush look, feel and functionality, but it does seem to be losing a lot of bristles! Hoping this will settle down and I won’t be left with a just a handle by the New Year :-)

Boar beard brush

Great product, arrived in great time and well made, I use it every day, great brand. Thanks you

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