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The Importance Of Beard Care

Before you use any beardcare product it’s great to understand why we use them and what benefits we get from using them, it's all down to the ingredients mixed into them. 


Carrier Oils 

What are they?

Carrier oils are the primary base of all the nutrients to be stored, they act as the bond to keep everything together and deliver all the nutrients to the hair and skin. They come from the fatty portion of the plant, the seeds, kernels or the nuts. Used in most beauty and healthcare products now days such as oils, soaps, shampoos, lotions, body wash, balms, waxes and so on. Your most likely going to find at least one carrier oil ingredient in it. Some carrier oils even get used in food products and for cooking too, such as coconut oil. 

What do we use them for?

Carrier oils can be used for most treatments and aromatherapy purposes, the main purpose of the carrier oil is to moisturize and hydrate the skin and hair. They can be used for skin problems such as eczema or itchy rashes, and dry or damaged hair. In most aromatherapy instances carrier oils are used to mix with essential oils, the reason being that essential oils on their own are far to potent to apply to the skin, therefore causing skin problems and itchiness, or some cases worse. The carrier oil acts to dilute the essential oils down so they can be applied to the skin or hair. 

What the heck is in them exactly?

Lastly, what part the carrier oil plays is down to what impact certain ones deliver to the skin or hair nutritionally wise. In most carrier oils you will find Vitamins A to E, minerals, fatty acids and other beneficial factors. For instance Coconut oil (Which is used in all our products) has a high blend of all vitamins and minerals that reduces protein loss to the hair and also to nourish. All carrier oils do not have the same nutritional factors, each one is different and includes different benefits. Getting a blend of the right carrier oils can make a big impact on your skins and hair heath. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for a very long time for cosmetic purposes, they can be diffused, inhaled, used for massage or to incorporate how the mind and body works, for example Rosemary and Lavender are old favourites to enhance relaxation and help find balance whilst others can even be used as an aphrodisiac. Each one comes with its own potent scent that delivers a certain smell, hence why essential oils are used too much in aromatherapy to give off pragmatic flavours, that's why your body wash smells so good! Because of how potent essential oils are they must be used with carrier oils to use on the skin or hair, therefore making the essential oil manageable.

Why do we use carrier oils and essential oils in beardcare products?  

We use carrier oils and essential oils in beardcare products for exactly the reasons above. Our beard is our pride and joy, our friend that we keep on our face throughout all conditions. In order for our beard to look the best it can be its important to use carrier oils because of all the benefits it has on the beard and skin underneath, to stop your chin from itching, to keep your beard hair from breaking, to keep it full bodied and thick, to keep it clean, to keep it soft and nourished, to let it grow gracefully and naturally. You look after the beard and the beard looks after you.... 

Want the ultimate beard care solution?

Really, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

We’ve developed a collection of products that will form probably the best beard grooming kit in the UK. It provides you with all of your bearded desires, care needs and will have your beard looking, quite frankly, freaking awesome.

What does it contain? A beard oil, to keep your facial hair not only looking healthy but provide it with all the nutrition it craves. A beard moisturiser to keep not just your beard soft, but your skin well hydrated too. Then finally, a distinctive moustache wax, to help you control the unruly whiskers and bring full life to your overall man mane.

Forgot to mention we even offer it in ‘the’ special scent.



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