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To put it simply.

At Robin Hood Beard Co. we’ve got one simple goal.

Provide our customers with the very best in beard care grooming products.

By ensuring we keep putting beardsmen first, we strive to consistently improve and now currently produce what we deem as the best beard oil, beard balms and moustache waxes available in the UK. Every product is handmade right here in Nottingham with high quality ingredients, in ultra small batches to ensure the best possible quality control standards

We wanted to create a range that offers a range of intoxicating scents and actually does an awesome job of taking care of your beard.

Our beard product range:

Beard Oil

Each and every bottle is homebrewed with a cocktail of the finest carrier and essential oils to produce not only what is a heavenly range of scents - but a tonic that will actually perform a fantastic job of keeping a beard healthy in order to help it grow to its full potential. (P.s. “the outlaw” scent is a frequently great seller and a customer favourite).

Find out more about our beard oil.

Beard Multi Balm

This is a specially concocted beard balm that we have put a lot of thought and effort into. Primarily, it is used as a leave in beard moisturiser that will help to ensure a beard is kept well-hydrated throughout the day. We like to think of it, sort of as a slow-releasing solid version of our beard oil - particularly useful for those who have particularly coarse beards.

Find out more about conditioning beard balm.

Beard Texture Balm

We’ve designed this first and foremost as a beard styling product, it often gets compared to a beard wax and beard pomade - we like to think it is a mix between the two - yet still offers a beard the much needed conditioning aspects. Designed to take on particularly unruly beards - yet still keep them held well within place and for them to be styled how they like.

Find out more about styling beard balm.

Moustache Wax

As a beard product manufacturer we decided to make a moustache wax, that’s worth getting. It provides a natural look and feel to a stache yet offers an incredibly strong hold to make sure even the unruliest of ‘staches are held well in place. It offers some additional protective properties too, to keep it well in check and prevent it from drying out.

Find out more about moustache wax.

How to get involved?

So whether you are a barber shop? A local store on the high street? A specialist men’s boutique? Online grooming retailer? Or just generally love our brand and products, wanna get involved?  

Well now you can become a stockist and sell our products!

By doing this and deciding to buy our products in bulk for your business you will save money in the process and have the ability to sell our legendary beard care products to your customers, at your price!  

Download our RRP price list and B2B Discount List to generate your B2B quote.

Or you can simply get in touch right here to talk about a wholesale order and if you have any questions.

We also offer monthly plans on repeat monthly orders if you just want to try it and see how it goes.

Contact us today, we will get back you soon!

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