Quality Beard Products Handcrafted in (UK) Nottinghamshire

What we strive for at Robin Hood Beard Company is to bring something legendary to the bearded world whilst keeping the roots of Nottinghamshire, producing beard grooming products that are unique, easy to use, bring history to life and be of great benefit to our bearded brothers everywhere.

Using traditional - yet effective methods of manufacturing to allow our handcrafted quality to deliver our message.

Purposefully taking the brand back to the 14th century and concentrating on the 'Legend' that is Robin Hood, creating beautifully bold scents from that time-frame and adding Nottinghamshire heritage that every beardsman will appreciate, experienced or beginner.

We don't mass produce and we don't over-complicate our formulas like we've seen from a lot of big brands, we only put in 'what's necessary' - Nothing more, nothing less.

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M A R I A N & T U C K
B E A R D - O I L
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Our Multi Balm is an innovative take on a traditional beard balm the way it’s purposely created to help with moisturising your beard - we like to think of it as a beard moisturiser come leave in conditioner.

Why do we call it multi?

Because it basically performs several jobs for your beard all at once. It keeps your beard well hydrated, offers a reasonable amount of natural hold - plus it leaves an awesome lingering fragrance in your beard too. If you were to ask us to just choose one beard product to live with?

This would be it.

This is one of the most glaring mistakes we see beardsmen make. They take care of the main body of their beard, regularly supply it with oil, groom and shape the main body of their beard with beard balms. However, they seem to always neglect their unruly whiskers.

Applying just a bit of our extra strength textured moustache wax can really help bring your moustache to life and benefit the whole look of the beard. Again, our moustache wax is scented to ensure an additional fragrance is kept in line with our beard products. We highly recommend it as an addition to any beardsmen sporting solid moustache game.

Pick up a tin of stache wax.

If we had to name one product that we are potentially most proud of I think our Texture Balm would definitely be it. It’s an out and out styling product for your beard (but has some conditioning properties to make sure your beard is still staying in the best possible shape).

Of course, this is ideal for guys with quite frankly - beards that are just plain getting out of hand need some product to help reign in all the hairs that are sticking it out. It’s also a great product to turn to just for guys wanting to provide some structure and shape, not to mention it helps it smell freaking awesome too. They come in neat little sliders to carry around with you and also being appointed a golden beard award winner this year.

Grab a tin and style up your beard.

This is the one beard product that every beardsmen should have in their beard grooming arsenal. We’ve made our conditioning Beard Oil using the finest quality carrier oils, (of course, all by hand to keep to our ultra high standards) to ensure your beard stays in the best possible shape.

Do you and your beard a favour by using this daily to avoid an array of beard problems, irritations and general hassle - and instead enjoy a beard that smells freaking awesome, is soothing to touch and looks just how your beard ought to look. Epic.

With a nice little click top lid to prevent wastage.

Come and treat your beard here.
Owning and maintaining a beard can be a tricky business, you have hairs going everywhere, knots forming and scraggly hairs, quite frankly it can end up looking like a mess.

That's why we’ve released some legendary grooming accessories that any beardsmen sporting short or long beards will be rather fond of.

Pop them in your pocket, have a spruce up at work or on the town,
great for beardsmen on the go with them being perfectly compact and a must have to add to your grooming arsenal!

Add some shape, definition and style.
If you're wanting an ultimate beard grooming kit to keep your man mane in legendary condition - Check these out.

Our 3 best selling scents, packed into our beginner, standard and deluxe grooming kits.

All our kits consist of 1 nourishing beard oil, 1 moisturising multi beard balm and 1 extra tough moustache wax to really look the part.

Then choose to add optional grooming accessories to really add some extra maintenance and definition.

New in and great value for money.

Come and see them here.

I have reviewed over 400 beard care products & the Dark Honey Texture balm is in my Top 5 beard balms! Dark Honey does not even begin to explain this amazing scent, it is truly incredible. My beard feels soft, it has a nice hold, it is easily worked into the beard hair and all in all I cannot recommend this balm enough. It is one that I want to shout about from the rooftops!

Zec Richardson

12th August 2018

Nothing negative I can say about this balm. "I have tried" . The smell is amazing and really does last all day. By far the best hold of any balm from any brand I have tried. Period! Doesn't make the beard feel dry at all. With a 4/5 inch unruley beard this balm is a God send. Great to see such a quality product so close to home 10/10 Robin Hood

Ben Dalton

6th August 2018

Been using a week and already one of the better balms I've ever used. Has excellent hold that keeps my beard tidy and in place through 12 shift at work. This is my go to brand now


6th July 2018

I got the Outlaw Grooming set with the Tache Wax and Multi Balm, OMG! This scent is amazing, I love Bay Rum oils, and this has just overtaken the Dark Honey scent as my favourite!

Kieran Robson

28th June 2018