At Robin Hood Beard Company we have a vision, to show the bearded community exactly what's been missing in the male grooming industry.

RHBC was founded in July 2016 showcasing our Robin Hood inspired beard care range, mixing together history, heritage and hand-batched quality, something that's disappeared within the beardsman scene.

But most of all, we want to build a way of life and leave a legacy, in Nottingham and the UK.

We hope you love our bespoke and historic beard grooming products as much as we love making them. The passion and determination have allowed us to succeed into building something legendary!

The idea of Robin Hood Beard Company was to create something different whilst keeping the contemporary roots of Nottingham and the bearded community. Offering beard grooming products with scents that were unique and couldn't be found anywhere else on the market, allowing a more personalized alternative, trying something new with products that are easy to apply any time of the day. With the intention of taking the brand back to the 14th century and concentrating on a 'Robin Hood' theme, old school and passionate scents that would appeal to everyone, taking traditional ideas and re introducing them into the modern beard community.

Enjoy the craftsmanship and dedication, every single product is hand batched using only natural ingredients sourced directly from the UK.

No machines and no bulk batching.

'Everything is made in small quantities to ensure every one is perfect, ensuring you get the vital nutrition to your beard to keep it healthy, clean and smelling exceptional'

David Sharpe - Director and Founder

robin hood beard company founder