'Hey everyone, I'm Dave.....

I've attempted to grow 4 beards throughout my adult life, not actually gaining a decent beard until my mid twenty's. As I've discovered, patience is a virtue, and age becomes a factor!

Mines been growing for nearly 2 years with an occasional trim here and there, previously buying beard product after product, oil after oil and balm after balm. I found that all the products out there tended to have the same scents and overall effect when I wanted something unique. So I thought, why not trial batching my own??

So I started researching beard oils and balms, learning how to make them and why there so important. It's safe to say after nights of research, experimenting with batch after batch, my versatility and patience eventually paid off.

The idea of Robin Hood Beard Company was to create something different whilst keeping the roots of Nottingham and the bearded community. Offering beard grooming products with scents that were unique and couldn't be found anywhere else on the market, thus allowing a more personalized alternative, trying something new with products that are easy to apply any time of the day.

I intended on taking the brand back to the 14th century and concentrating on a 'Robin Hood' theme, old school and passionate scents that would appeal to everyone, taking traditional ideas and re introducing them into the modern beard community.

I gave out free samples to anyone i could find who had a beard, all saying how professional and different they were, also using on my own facial hair every single day.

After months of developing the brand it was finally time to introduce it to the world, I mean why create something unique if i can't share it with everyone else?

So, enjoy the craftsmanship and dedication, every single product is hand batched using only natural ingredients sourced directly from the UK.

No machines and no bulk batching.

'Everything is made in small quantities to ensure every one is perfect, ensuring you get the vital nutrition to your beard to keep it healthy, clean and smelling exceptional'

In regards to the brand, this is just the start for us. We're still in early stages of development and growth, but were getting stronger every month and will continue to expand into something even greater.

David Sharpe - Founder

Beard care products UK