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Beard Balm UK, Nottingham Made

Along with using your trusted beard oil, the trick to increase beard thickness and making your beard look fuller start with using beard balm, whether you plan on using your beard balm and beard oil together or separately, taking care of your beard is an absolute must.

At Robin Hood Beard Company, we’ve mastered the texture beard balm (UK, Nottingham hand blended), which is used as a secondary beard care application to add thickness and add definition, brilliant for men on the go that desire to keep their beard in condition throughout any terrain and weather.

Our Texture Balm is suggested for men with beards longer than 2 inches, providing a sterner texture and hold, allowing a thicker and longer beard to maintain shape, keeping the long follicles in place with the natural weight of the beard.

Texture Balm is made using the same efficient carrier oils and vitamin E as the beard oils, adding the same benefits into an easier transferable beard care product for on the go. The Texture Balm is also made from Shea Butter which helps relieve many skin problems such as dandruff, helping reduce excessive oil production by the skin glands, it can moisturize dry skin and reduce flaking due to dryness. With a small amount of yellow Beeswax to concentrate the hold, blending well together with Shea Butter for a generous hold.

Our Texture Balms come in Rusky Love, Dark Honey, Old Smoke and the new addition of The Outlaw, the best selling scents of the matching beard oils.

What is texture beard balm?

You will see us also commonly refer to this styling beard balm as a beard pomade as well as a beard butter - however what is essentially is a specially crafted beard pomade that’s designed been to offer (particularly the thicker and longer beards) a stronger hold to help shape the beard and offer a richer texture. As opposed to the multi balm, which is designed to be a leave in conditioner - the texture balm is a styling product, helping you to get to grips with your beard.  

Why should you use beard balm?

This beard balm is made right here in Nottinghamshire, UK with unique and high-quality ingredients is a unique take on a traditional balm - however it leans towards the styling aspect (i.e making your beard look even more awesome). It still offers the conditioning aspects (keeping your beard nourished and hydrated), however it will offer those beardsmen who have particularly unruly beards (with snags and flyaways going off in every direction but the way you want them to do) a lot more control, manageability and those who are after serious styling aspects too. Plus, it offers a particular natural healthy looking matted effect to the beard.

How do I use beard balm?

All you have to do is simply, remove the lid from the tin. Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out the desired amount (we recommend starting with a small amount and working up to have more in your beard if necessary - also if you are struggling to scrape it out, let the beard balm sit in your pocket for a little while to ease it up) and rub it between your hands until it has emulsified.

Then apply right throughout the beard, from the foundations to the very ends of your beard hairs. After this, using your hands start to sculpt your beard into the shape you desire.

For a more visual adaptation of what texture beard balm is really like, watch the review and 'How to video' published by Earl Greybeard on Youtube.

You can use it on your stache too, only a moustache wax is probably better suited given the specific properties that we have crafted it with - to help it endure for longer. If you’re after the complete care option though (and to set yourself up for a bargain) - we recommend checking out our rather awesome beard grooming kit collection.

Find out more about our beard balm UK delivery options through our deliveries and returns page or get in touch with us through the contact page. 

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