Texture Balm

Along with using beard oil, the trick to increase beard thickness and making your beard look fuller start with using beard balm, whether to use beard balm and beard oil together or separately, taking care of your beard is an absolute must.

Beard balm is recommended for daily use on medium to long beards as you can use less balm and is also faster to apply than beard oil, although applied together gives your beard added protection against the elements and acts as a barrier preventing further moisture and dirt getting in your beard, overall a personal favourite for the active beardsman who doesn't have as much time needed to groom his beard all of the time. 

Levels of beard growth depend on the dedication of the man and commitment of caring for a beard, that’s the distinction between how to grow a big beard and possessing very thick beard hair.

At Robin Hood Beard Company we’ve worked tirelessly to produce the simplest but the most effective homemade beard balm recipe, using only basic ingredients Shea Butter and Beeswax, we believe there’s no need to over-complicate our products by adding unnecessary ingredients that will harm or compromise your beard gains, making the most natural beard care product on the market.

The Texture Balm will make your beard look thicker, enabling you to sculpt whilst adding a medium hold, not forgetting the legendary scents they come in to match our beard oils. With not over complicating the recipe we managed to keep the scents just as pure as the beard oils, put to work on the most active beard grower to ensure they last all day.