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Stache Wax

Moustache Wax UK, Handmade Nottinghamshire

Our Robin Hood Beard Company Moustache Wax UK, Nottingham - made by hand is used for keeping your moustache in manageable condition any time of the day. Any beardsman can use it, from daily grooming to competitor status, moustache wax is a multi-use essential for moustache wax manageability on any level.

You can apply a small amount into your daily grooming routine, pushing your moustache outwards to make it look neater and keep it out of your food and drink, or take to new levels by adding a little pinch more to create an artistic and stylish look by twisting your moustache ends upwards, more common for beardsmen that compete regularly or simply just want to add more feature.

We’ve perfected the most elegant yet modest recipe, consisting of Beeswax for hold, Petroleum Jelly for the spread and Gum Arabic for the final tack that keeps it all together, having the ability to re-work your stache any time of the day.

Available in The Outlaw and Temptation, and our all round favourites Old Smoke and Rusky Love.

What is moustache wax?

A styling product that helps keeps an unruly ‘stache held firmly in place whilst also giving it a pleasant manly aroma.

Why should you be using moustache wax?

Although there are some conditioning properties our moustache waxes (providing nourishment, strengthening the hairs), it is essentially an out and out styling product that can really help bring a lifeless beard some ‘oomph - providing the moustache with texture and style.

How do I use moustache wax?

Here's how to wax a moustache. First, decide what type of style you are going for. If it is a natural look, hold back on the amount you are going to use. If the style is a little more adventurous (full on handlebars) then a generous amount or if you have a particularly coarse moustache then use a fairer amount. Try to build it up gradually, rather than add a lot on at once.

Use the back of your thumbnail (warm up the tin beforehand if needs be, by letting it rest in your pocket) and scrape up the wax and start to apply from your fingertips from the center of the stache and outwards. Coating the entire moustache.

Then take your trusted moustache comb and style it up how’d you like it.

If you want a more natural looking style we recommend blending it in either with a matching scented beard oil or beard moisturiser balm to create a more subtle yet well-structured style.

Plus, you can turn it into some of the finest beard wax in the UK. Simply use beard oil and dilute it slightly before applying directly to the beard. 

Want complete care collection?

Did you know you can get hold of the moustache wax as well as a beard moisturiser and beard oil all in one collective beard grooming set? You can save on the bundle and have everything you need to upgrade your facial hair to the next level.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding moustache wax (just want general tips and insights) then don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll get back in touch with you soon.

So go ahead and pick yourself up some of the best moustache wax in the UK. Find out more about our moustache wax UK delivery options through our deliveries and returns page or get in touch with us through the contact page. 

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