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Multi Beard Moisturiser Balm (UK, Nottingham Made)

You’ve tried our beard texture balm – well say hello to our Robin Hood Beard Company Multi balm, our unique take on a beard moisturiser (UK, Nottingham hand-produced). Along with beard oils and stache wax, beard balms are a must have essential for any beardsman, new or experienced.

With our new Multi Balm we’ve modified our texture balm recipe to make a multipurpose beard moisturiser that works well for the shorter beards that are under 2 inches.

The multi balm has a much softer and pliable application with a modest yet noticeable finish, with a low to medium hold you don’t need to use a lot, with just a thumb sized amount it’s plenty enough to distribute in your beard lasting all day. You can use it on its own however we find it works particularly well with a matching scented beard oil, the choice is yours, however the specialty of the Multi Balm is that its diversely structured to use singularly to inject moisture into the beard whilst also providing a modest hold to keep your beard feeling hydrated and fresh right throughout the day.

With Coconut Oil and Safflower Oil what we use in our beard oils and added Petroleum Jelly to keep your beard hair well moisturized and manageable, also helping relieve split ends that can make your beard hair look unhealthy and stringy, as well as being a beneficial ingredient towards the healing process of scratches, cuts and flakes, which we occasionally get with scratching our chin underneath our beard. Finally with a small amount of Beeswax to help maintain the structure of the balm.

Available in The Outlaw and Temptation, along with our all round favourites Dark Honey, Old Smoke and Rusky Love.

What is multi beard moisturiser balm?

The beard moisturizer is essentially a dry based beard oil - in the same way, it will help to properly hydrate and nourish your beard. However, as it is infused with beeswax it will allow you to get some hold - so you shape up your beard - but more importantly, it will help to lock and hold the moisture within the beard.

Need more styling ability for your beard?

For those who are looking for a stronger hold, we’ll point you in the direction of the texture beard balm.

For a more visual description of our multi balm, you can watch the review and 'how to use' video published by Earl Greybeard on YouTube here to show you exactly what it's like 'real life'.

Why should you use beard moisturiser?

This beard moisturiser is ideal for those who either are looking for a beard oil alternative or are need of something that gives that little bit of extra control to an unkempt beard (even if it’s still really short).

In fact, if you have a particularly dry beard using the multi balm in combination with the beard oil is the ideal to way soften it up. We recommend, applying the beard oil on at night time to provide the deep conditioning, then just before you set out to work - apply the beard balm to not only get you looking more suitable for work but it also acts as a leave-in conditioner (preventing it from drying it out) - keeping your beard feeling fresher for longer.

They also have a slightly different finish to beard oils - whereas a beard oil will be shinier, the balms tend to have a more natural looking matte type look.

How do I use beard moisturiser?

For quick application, just take the back of your thumbnail to scrape it up (if it is proving difficult, just let it sit in your pocket for a while) and place in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands together till it has emulsified in and then start to work it through your beard (just like you would a beard oil), once you have covered your beard from tip to base - gradually start to shape into the style you want.

Find out more about our beard moisturiser UK delivery options through our deliveries and returns page or get in touch with us through the contact page. 

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