Marian Beard Oil

"It has a rich sweet scent of coconut but not overpowering it also comes with a backing of rosemary and other scents. The scent lasts for a really good time most of the day to be precise. As always the beard is left feeling soft and looked after and you would be doing yourself a good deed if you get yourself one of these" - Kevin Bayford

Marian Beard Oil - Benzoin and Coconut Scented


This Benzoin beard oil infused with soft coconut is just perfect oil to bring into the range, adding more depth into our growing RHBC family. See, not only will it allow your beard to smell incredibly alluring, it will level up the presence of your beard too. All our beard oils are handcrafted with high quality oils in ultra-small batches to ensure the best possible product and ultimately ensures your beard gets everything it needs to thrive under every condition.

In turn, using Marian will allow you to own a softer, tamer and overall more appetising beard. More noticeable daily, to you, and everyone around you.

Marian is hand crafted to excellence with a well-mixed choice of new ingredients, the main addition of benzoin which adds a sweet yet dark and infatuated explosion of excellence and quality, blended well with rosemary to release an exciting yet subtle floral aroma.

Keeping the tradition of the brand by newly introducing sandalwood which really gives Marian it’s overall roots, adding a woody yet sweet and soft atmospheric scent, the odour being so different to cedarwood which we currently use in the rest of the range, but lastly the bold and diverse undertone of coconut to really add a mellow and long lasting softness to the oil, which in makes all the other scents really stand out together.

We’ve succeeded in bringing a real and unique scent that we hope Maid Marian would be proud of and use herself. With a feminine, fiery yet elegant softness of complex new scents that would allure Robin to her, every time.



  • To decrease irritation of itching (for an all round well-nourished beard).
  • You’ll notice your beard becoming easier to maintain on a daily basis
  • With subtle scents that have been known to help with mentality and balance
  • Gives your beard an overall healthier and stronger appearance
  • It works to moisturise your skin underneath, to avoid flakiness through regular beard growing

How to Use

Apply 1 or 2 pipettes worth of beard oil in the morning or evening (or both for maximum effect). Use your palm and fingers to run through evenly in an upward motion until your beard is fairly coated. Don't forget to work the excess in through your moustache and sides. Use grooming accessories if needed - Such as a beard comb or brush. 


Organic Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius oil), Coconut Oil (Caprylic/capric triglyceride fractionated oil), Natural Vitamin E Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis oil), Benzoin Resin Essential Oil (Styrax benzoin resin extract/Propylene glycol), Coconut Parfum.


If for whatever reason you decide this product is not for you, get in touch using the contact form within a week and we offer a 7 day returns guarantee. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very Nice.

I tried Marian beard oil for the first time last night, what a amazing clean smell 👌🏻 And i could still smell it the morning after... Amazing...

Dark honey beard oil

I have bought this for my husband for Christmas


Got the Marian Oil the other other day, really nice fresh smell, a hit with the ladies in my household.


Fantastic beard oil. Best smelling oils on the market. Thank you for making the best beard oils. My husband loves them. He especially loves Rusky Love.

Mario beard oil

Having never bought a beard oil from Robin Hood beard company, deciding to buy there textured balm instead, I jumped at the chance when they released the 10ml bottles to try, first one was the Marion, it's a brilliant smell, most notably the benzoin with brilliant but subtle smell of coconut.

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