Beard Oil

Whether you’re a first time beard grower or a professional looking for beard oil alternatives, we have you covered. Beard grooming is something every man should be doing to keep the beard in the best shape it can be. 

We’d advise anyone to start using beard oil after a couple of months of raw growth, to counteract the brittle beard hair, softening it, giving it the necessary vitamins and minerals to support further beard  growth, not forgetting making it smell remarkable! Read more about the importance of beard care.  

At Robin Hood Beard Company we believe we’ve mastered the most natural beard oil recipes, using the best carrier oils safflower oil and coconut oil, blending together with just the right amount of essential oils for facial hair maintenance, conditioning your beard perfectly, not hindering your beard goals and keeping your beard grooming to a minimum, perfect for men on the go. 

We also believe that we’ve mastered the perfect fragrances for our beard oils, combining British history with heritage.

All our beard oils have a different scent, bringing to life the 14th century history of Robin Hood, making every beard oil feel like it was made by the man himself. All oils are made by hand in small quantities to ensure each one is made to feel legendary, then stored in clear glass bottles and tagged with our vintage branding.

Growing a beard has never been so easy, apply as little or as often as you need, although our beard oils are made to last all day, giving your beard the support needed to withstand any weather.