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Beard Oil

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Beard Oil UK, Nottingham Made

Love your beard? Treat it to one of our home-brewed scented beard oil (UK, Nottingham) bringing to life the 14th century history of Robin Hood, making every beard oil feel like it was made by the man himself.

All our oils are made small-batch quantities, right here Nottinghamshire, to ensure each one is made to feel legendary, then put into clear glass bottles, then adding our vintage branding.

We’d advise anyone to start using beard oil after a couple of months of raw growth, to counteract the brittle beard hair, softening it, giving it the necessary vitamins and minerals to support further beard growth, not forgetting making it smell remarkable! They really are some of the best smelling beard oils around. 

At Robin Hood Beard Company, we’ve mastered the most efficient beard oil recipes, using certain carrier oils and a perfect blend of essential oils. Firstly, using Safflower Oil because it’s rich in oleic acid which is capable of safeguarding both your chin and hair, improving the circulation around the chin, stimulating hair growth and strengthening beard hair follicles.

Secondly, using Coconut Oil which is rich in fatty acids that work with the natural proteins found in your hair, protecting it from breaking, as well as acting as a moisturising agent that even protects hair follicles from heat and environmental damage. Coconut oil is loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients, these play a key role in keeping your beard hair soft and supple, even working to counteract dandruff.

Thirdly, using Vitamin E as an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue, applying Vitamin E to your skin and hair helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth, also being a well known preservative for oils, keeping shelf life intact and potency, if you want to keep a well-groomed beard, these ingredients are a must for all bearded men.

Our legendary scents The Outlaw, Marian, Tuck, Rusky Love, Temptation, Old Smoke, Dark Honey, Forest Fruits and Down By The River are all available in our beard oils.

What is beard oil?

A concoction of essential oils and carrier oils that helps keep your beard soft and smooth but helps hydrate the foundation of your beard too, your skin. Our range of beard oils will also help make your beard smell glorious too!

Why should you use beard oil?

First off, they will help you and your beard to smell legendary.

However, they will also help to nourish your beard to keep it healthy and in turn promote thicker growth. Not only that you will notice your beard becoming softer (causing less grief when it comes to itching), a stronger beard (so you’re less likely to run into split ends), keeps your skin hydrated (so will prevent the beard from drying out and turning wiry) and finishes it with a natural sheen.

How do I use beard oil?

Pretty simple really.

To get the best results - apply it on a slightly damp beard, an ideal time is just after you’ve taken a shower and pat it down with a towel. Then pour a few drops out, rub it in between both hands. Then apply directly to your beard.

As you are applying it, try and perform a massaging motion, right the way through the beard and all around. Make sure to work the oil right from the base of the beard to the tips.

When’s best to use beard oil?

It can be used any time of day, all over your beard but for those who are after making the very most of their beard - there’s a special window of opportunity. Literally, just after you’ve had a nice warm relaxing bath (or simply take a warm flannel to your face for a prolonged period) and your beard is almost dry.

This is the perfect time to inject some beard oil as it’s when your skin pores are most exposed - giving the oil application the best chance of being absorbed. At RHBC we think we get the best results at night, then following up with a beard moisturiser the next morning.

How much beard oil to use?

How much you are going to apply simply depends on how much beard you are sporting. The general rule of thumb is how many months you’ve been growing + 2 drops. Even if you are just about to start on your new Bearded journey we recommend just applying a couple of drops each day.

This will help to moisturise the skin plus set your beard up perfectly for the months ahead, keeping the itch at bay, skin fresh and beard hair more manageable.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, can’t decide which scent to get, you can always go for the beard oil gift set (which offers a range of three of our top sellers at a discount) in our beard grooming kit selection.

Find out more about our beard oil UK delivery options through our deliveries and returns page or get in touch with us through the contact page. 

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