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A good beard, requires a little attention. A great beard? Needs a high quality beard kit - we’ve got just the thing.

Go ahead, delight a beard to something rather special with one of our handcrafted men’s beard grooming kits (UK, produced by hand right here in Nottinghamshire). We offer a range of The perfect gift for both beginners (who sports a short beard) or a beardsman of some years (with a large one), be rest assured these beard kits bring the very best out of them.

All the beard products selected have been specifically chosen to address any issues that a beardsman will run into - and will take complete care of it turning it from wiry to classy. They will help it feels soft and comfortable (great to wear across your face), looking fuller and thicker (taming the flyaways) and of course smells freaking legendary with a range of our best selling fragrances.

What beard care products feature in the beard grooming kits?

Below is an array of the very best beard care products.

First up, a your handcrafted premium blend beard oil.

This is a concoction of high quality blended carrier and essential oils that work together keep your beard hydrated and condition, present your beard with a healthy sheen - plus they help it smell divine. It’s designed to be lightweight, so it won’t feel greasy and heavy in your beard yet still ensures your beard won’t be running into beard-druff or numerous split ends.

Secondly, the moisturiser multi balm.

This is a naturally derived that does a very similar job to the beard oil, however acts as a leave in conditioner - so has a longer-lasting effect - keeping it hydrated for longer.

Plus, it comes with a medium hold so you will be able to help shape your beard into the style you want (even if you’ve only got a shorter beard). If you’ve got a particular dry, rough and coarse beard - using both the beard oil and this multi beard balm will really help to soften it up.

Then of course an ultimate-styling moustache wax.

This is an extra firm hold to keep your ‘stache in place all day long. It allows you to properly sculpt the style you are after, giving a defining feature to your beard (plus, the very practical aspect of not eating hairs as you took into a sandwich).

The first maintenance beard grooming accessory is the beard comb.

This will help to untangle you out the messes that you get your beard into it (it happens to us all) and is a vital tool as you start to properly grow out your beard and want it looking it’s best. It’s crafted with smooth edges to ensure a smooth combing experience.

Finally, the beard boar brush.

Then finally, the last beard grooming product is one we are rather proud of - a boar bristle beard grooming brush (made 100% from boar bristles), it’s crafted with soft bristles that organise your beard hairs into a neatened and stylish state. Not to mention it feels freaking awesome on your beard as your brush it too (don’t get carried away too much though).

What make our beard care kits the best?

We’re glad you asked. We feel what makes this the best beard grooming kit is pretty simple really. We make sure that they each work with one another to help provide you with a better looking beard.

Where the beard oil will provide the deep level conditioning needed to ensure your beard is on top form, the moisturising balm offers a slight hold to ensure your beard looks the part but also allows moisture to be retained within the beard to keep it feeling more comfortable. Then the moustache wax allows for the distinctive factor that makes the whole beard look it’s best. Then with all the undertones of the scent working together it ensures your beard smells rich and vibrant - ensuring that it will longer on for longer than any ‘singular’ product being used on it’s own.

(P.s. our customers constantly tell us, they freaking love our beard goods)

Beard Grooming Kits Helps out your wallet

For 2018 we came out with this deal as a simple solution to not only make beard grooming easier but to also save you some cash too. By not getting all the products individually (like we found a lot of you were doing), we wanted to try and help you out by bundling the most commonly bought products together and pass on some of the savings to you. You will be able to see with each product listing - just how much you save compared to whether you would buy all the goods separately.

Together they make sure that you:

  • Style up your beard (improving the overall aesthetics)
  • Smell remarkably better (complementing one another with rich undertones)
  • All-round healthier (stronger and well-hydrated
  • More comfortable (less irritation)

In all, it is the easy route to a freaking awesome man mane. See unlike other kits that focus purely on the cleansing side of moisturisers, butters that are all very necessary for preventing a serious case of dry skin occurring and beard, but those beard sets forget - that it’s about keeping the beard looking good. Roping in all the flyaway hairs, keeping it free from snags and knots, styling up that dapper moustache and oozing a general classy aura.

Put it this way, when you do invest in a good beard grooming kit (like our very own) and make sure that you are using it frequently (almost daily for the oil and balm), then you will be the kinda other bearded folk look up and women want to… well I’m pretty sure you get the picture. If you have any questions about the beard care sets, please just get in touch we’d love to help you out, if we haven’t already answered in our FAQ section.

Beard Maintenance Kits Make The Ideal Beard Gift

Quite honestly, if you are struggling what to get a bearded men - whether it is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine or father’s day - nothing goes down better than a special grooming kit dedicated just to making his beard the best it can be. It will show that not only he appreciates his beard, but that you appreciate it too. Plus, why wouldn’t you want his beard looking the best it possibly can? (P.s. there you are 100% allowed to gift your beard kit to your beard too).

We’re here for you

Like with all our beard products if you ever need help at all. We would love to chat with you. If you’ve got any problems, don’t know how to apply a product, think you’re using too little or too much - just doesn’t seem to be working out for you - please do not hesitate at all to let us know. We want to help you out - and we love talking to you guys. So make sure either before you buy or right after that you do get in touch and we will be right on hand to get back to you as soon as we can! Looking forward to hearing from you.

The perfect array of men's beard care. Find out more about our beard grooming kits UK delivery options through our deliveries and returns page or get in touch with us through the contact page. 

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