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Men’s Grooming Accessories

We know that owning and maintaining a beard is a darn right tricky business, where you have beard hairs going in every direction but the place you want them to go, knots forming and quite frankly you can run into more bad beard days than you would care to admit. We know, it can end up looking like a complete mess. Every single beardsman has been there and although we 100% urge you to keep up your use of beard grooming products (oils, balms and waxes etc.) to keep your beard healthy, smelling great and looking awesome.

That’s only half the of the equation when it comes to the complete beard care routine. The other half? Is made up of beard grooming accessories and the tools needed to keep your beard in good shape and maintenance. Through the use of proper beard combs as well as brushes. That’s why after extensive research and testing (based right here in the UK, Nottingham), we’ve conjured some legendary grooming accessories that any beardsmen sporting short or long beards will be rather fond of.

Which Beard Grooming Accessories Should You Get?

We go into this in-depth here in our beard brush vs beard comb debate, ultimately we think you should be getting both. However, if your beard is on the shorter side and or if you use balms more often (go for the brush) or if on the other hand you prefer the use of oils and have a much longer beard that tends to get quite knotted (go for the comb).

How Often Should You Brush or Comb Your Beard?

There’s a danger of over brushing and over combing your beard, where you start to weaken the hairs. We’d keep it to just after you have applied some beard product in your beard, so once in the morning as you are getting it prepared for the day ahead. Then once during the day, if it has got a bit knocked out of place - perhaps the wind has got it a mishaped for some reason - then finally once at night, but no more than three times a day.

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