Wiry Beard? Here’s 5 Quick Ways to Tame It

April 29, 2018 19 Comments

wiry beard

How to Control a Dry, Wiry and Frizzy Beard?

Are you looking to fix your frizzy beard?

I think you will nod your head and agree when we say:

Chicks dig guys with beards (after all.. it’s science).  

That said, all beards aren’t created equal. And when it comes to a dry, wiry beard - we can all agree that it just isn’t a great look.

Nevermind, the fact that they itch like hell too.

But, worst of all? It can stem up some second doubts about growing and owning a beard in the first place.

For exactly that reason, we’ve come up with this step-by-step plan of action beard softening guide to getting your beard right back on track: for a fresher-feeling, better-looking beard. No more wiry beards.

We’re going to address exactly why it gets that way - and offer clear cut solutions to help you resolve it.

 1. First Fix - Apply Beard Oil Daily

Simply put.

If you’ve got a painfully wiry beard - and you aren’t using beard oil?

This should be number one, two and three on your to-do list to try and tame it. See a beard oil is a specialised tonic that's made up of carrier & essential oils to ensure your beard is well-nourished and well-hydrated.  

The result? A mighty fine looking beard, that's ultra soft (i.e non-frizzy and wiry) and smells just how a masculine beard ought to smell.

Might we add, we’ve got a mighty fine collection right here that will help you exactly with this issue? Check the range out here.

Using a beard oil with a ‘proper’ beard brush or beard comb will not only help to disperse the oil right the way through the beard but will actually help tend to it as well - remove potential knots and freeing up the beard to look thicker and fuller. Unraveling the scraggliness.

2. Second Fix - Avoid Drying Out Your Beard

Another common problem is guys go about their everyday lives not knowing the unnecessary harm they are doing to their beards. Some of the main culprits:

  • Washing your beard too regularly (and probably with the wrong stuff).

Here’s the thing:

Your beard hairs aren’t like your the hairs on your head. They become dry a lot easier and everytime you take that chemically crafted shampoo to your beard, you aren’t only stripping the naturally beardy goodness helping to keep it moist in the first place but you prevent any additional moisture getting in.

Instead, use an all natural shampoo - that will perform a deep cleanse on your beard - but afterwards, apply a bit of beard oil to your beard to replenish the lost oils that will have occurred with the wash. Plus, you will find (even those with long beards) that your beard really doesn’t need washing that often. Once or twice a week is more than fine (apart from if it’s constantly getting dirty with a manual job that is).

  • Protect it from heat

Again, when it comes to washing your beard or taking a shower in general - don’t set the temperature so high - it weakens the beard hair and also dries out your skin. If you do? You're risking your beard becoming all kinds of itchy.

Also please don’t ever take a hair dryer to it (and definitely not straightening irons). Instead, opt for a simple towel pat dry, don’t drag the towel across your beard - performing a tugging motion - this is just asking for a few beard hairs to come loose.

  • Not carrying out Fix No.1 (and if you are, use the “duo-softening-combo”).

If you are getting a dry wiry beard (even still) we recommend employing a duo-softening combo. Grab hold of your favourite beard oil and a softening balm (make sure they generally have the same scent to avoid them conflicting).

Apply the beard oil at night just before you go to bed (just after a 'relatively' warm shower). This is getting to work on the deep-level conditioning.  Then apply the multi beard balm just before you head out to work, this doesn't only help to keep your beard in check but also acts as a leave-in conditioner to slowly hydrate the beard throughout the day.

3. Third Fix - Take Care of Your Skin

 A common mistake many new beardsmen make.

As they start to grow out their beards more and more, they just seem to start neglecting their skincare altogether. Now sure, it is a little more difficult to actually get to than it used to be since you’ve got a whole lotta facial hair in the way.

And beard oil will go some way to helping out your skin, but you need to have some sort of care plan in place to actually keep it moisturised (especially during winter when your skin tends to dry out). Applying moisturiser to your fingertips and working it towards the base of your beard is a good move. More advanced? Look into a Clarisonic. Basically, think electric toothbrush meets moisturiser and skincare.

Afterall, your skin is the very foundation of your beard. Keep it well hydrated and clean - it will also ensure your skin doesn’t become dry, which in turn can result in your beard becoming dry, wiry and frizzy.

4. Fourth Fix - Trim & Style It Back 

A great way to freshen up the look of your beard is just giving it a simple trim over.

If you’re confident enough to do this yourself, just take a trusted pair of ‘proper’ beard scissors (avoid a beard trimmer, this is potentially what is causing your beard to turn itchy in the first place) and snip off flyaways as well dry and split ends.

Feeling particularly adventurous? Take care of your neckline and cheek lines, creating a solid structure for your beard to flourish.

Of course, if you were anything like me when I started to grow out a beard for the first time and just don’t want to risk that which has taken you months to grow out -just head down to your local trusted beard barber and they should take good care of you. Afterward, give your beard a splash of beard oil or better still apply to the duo-softening-combo method we mentioned earlier.

If you’ve only got a shorter thin beard, our multi beard balm will work great with helping you to provide moisture back into your beard as well as giving you some hold to style it in place.

For those with longer and certainly more coarse beards, we recommend that you look to our texture beard balm that offers more hold but would recommend upping the amount of beard oil you use to ensure proper moisture is supplied to your beard.

5. Fifth Fix - Feed Your Inner Beard 

Now a lot of what we have addressed above is what we like to term as ‘external beard care’.

What often gets neglected (and even with the more experienced beardsmen) is ‘inner beard care’.

This is basically about making sure that every single strand of hair that pops out across your face is the fullest, strongest and genuinely best it can be - that your body can produce.

And we’ll be honest, the advice isn’t exactly... ground-breaking.

It’s just living about living a healthy lifestyle.

The few main factors are of course, helping to fuel the beard growth with eating a good diet (a lot of proteins go into the beard as well as vitamins - some guys even take ‘beard’ dedicated supplements, although we strongly just recommend you just go down the natural route) and exercise as well as reducing stress (which can inhibit growth due to decreasing testosterone levels that is often quoted as having a correlation with a man’s beard).


So just to recap on how you can tame a wiry beard:

  1. Make sure you apply beard oil daily.
  2. Protect your beard from drying out.
  3. Don’t neglect skin care.
  4. Prune and re-style your beard.
  5. Provide your beard with the fuel and nourishment it needs.

If you are new to growing a beard (or even a bearded veteran) and want to get the best start possible to grow as well as to dampen the dreaded beard itch and smell divine - you’ll probably love our selection of beard grooming products.

They are designed to help cover you with every aspect of beard care - from ensuring they are kept luxuriously soft (without the itch), healthier (to help reach their full potential) and smell darn-right legendary.

Let us know how you are getting on with a frizzy beard, don't hesitate to reach out -- we'll be more than happy to help out.

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Andrew Roy
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June 02, 2018

Great products, started using both the old smoke oil/balm and noticed improved results straight away. Friends always comment how great it smells in the beard. Fast delivery, can’t complain.

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Terry crouch

May 24, 2018

I have been using the outlaw beard oil for a while now ,after my beard trim at less than zero Martin used this product and straight away I was drawn to the fragrance it left me with along with the softness to my beard . I ordered a bottle straight away and can’t see me using another brand from now on . The order came with a sample of the dark honney multi barm witch also smells amazing and I will be trying that next time need to stock up on oil .

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