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Why You Should Join Your Local Beard Club (UK Societies)

September 27, 2018 1 Comment

beard club

Find out why you should join a local beard club in the UK.

Struggling to find like minded bearded individuals?

Well, we fully recommend that you get yourself down a beard club.

That’s right.

A club dedicated to the glorious man mane that spouts from your face and chances are there is a local beard club right around the corner from you (and if not, why not start your very own).

Here’s a list (not a comprehensive one, so if you are a beard club owner and don’t see your club listed here then by all means get in touch and we will get it sorted for you - we want this page to be a sort of beard club directory - so any new guy looking to join will be able to quickly identify which is his local).

First off, there’s the a couple of national ones:

You’ve got the British Beard Club that was created in 2008 and has a good whop of people who have joined and are a specially set up charity that donates to Prostate Cancer UK. So it’s worth joining up there for £10/year plus you get a certificate and a styling pin badge - what more could you want?

Then there is Beard Society approaching almost 6000 members, which along with Jeff’s Beard Board is the biggest collection on the internet - in terms of a club - bar the beardy subreddit. Great places to hang out, if you are just after a couple of second opinions (or in this case more than a fair few) and they sometimes organise get togethers too.

Then you have your local clubs (which are mainly thatches that have branched off from the official British Beard Club).

But first off, why join?

  1. First off, it’s usually a fair crack, a lot of banter and typically a good bit of grub and drink don’t go a miss as well when it comes to these ‘beardy gatherings’.
  1. Chance to win some free beard goodies. A lot of the times beard companies (like our good selves give away some beard products for you to try out and hopefully get you to explore more).
  1. Talk beards. What better topic is there? If you have any problems with your beard you know you can always talk to us, but having a real person there might give you that extra bit of anecdotal experience that you needed.
  • Black Country Beardsmen Club

  • The best place you can find out where they hang out is on their facebook page here: who basically cover the Black Country as well as the Birmingham area and as you can see are really quite active and have a lot of stuff going on. A solid club to join!

  • Capital Beards Club

  • Of course, based in London the Capital Beards society can be found at their site: as well as their facebook page: and arrange to have a meeting on a monthly basis.

  • The Central Beardsmen Club

  • This is our nearest and dearest The Central Beardsmen are based in Nottinghamshire and without question are the best in the country (of course, no bias from us - promise).

  • Essex Beard Club

  • Pretty self explanatory but the Essex Beard Club based down in Essex are easily found through their facebook page here: and are a fairly active group who participate in a range of competitions.

  • Invicta Beards Club

  • Covering what was the Garden of England (losing it’s title to North Yorkshire) Invicta Beards are the proud thatch of Kent and have a great little group for you to get involved with.

  • Liver Beards Club

  • No prizes for guessing where the Liverbeards are based. You can find the Liverpool beardy thatch here and probably should receive the prize for the best logo out of the clubs on offer here too!

  • Norfolk Beard Club

  • Norfolk Beard thatch has one of the largest Facebook groups: (apart from the one just below) in terms of likes and has a very regular meetup. Quoted as “every wednesday at the star hotel from half 7 in Great Yarmouth we get together everyone is welcome”. Will you be there?

  • The South Saxon Beardsmen Club

  • The South Saxon Beard easily has the largest facebook group following (only surpassed by the actual national Beard club) and as a result is a pretty active group. Worth getting involved for sure.

  • The South West Beard Club

  • The South West Beard club can be found through their website here:, as well as their facebook group: and, have a fairly active community.

  • The Yorkshire Beardsmen Club

  • The Yorkshire Beardsmen are found through their website with a pretty decent looking website are based in York and are well renowned for having a good laugh and are over 500 strong, visiting right across Yorkshire as far as Hull, Wakefield and Leeds - and so on. A great society to join.

    Got any facial hair struggles that you want to share with us?

    Then by all means just get in touch.

    Literally, whatever ever the concern is that you are having with your beard then please do let us knows.

    Whether you think it is a little thin areas and you want to know what you can do about it. Where can you go to get a decent barber cut around Nottingham (we are expanding our list of recommended barbers off the back of anecdotal evidence, so are planning on coming out with a big post on that soon) and more.

    Anything we can do to help. We’ll try.

    So literally drop a weight off your mind and send us across a message through the contact platform and we will get back to you quicker than you’d think.

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    Ron Williamson
    Ron Williamson

    September 05, 2019

    Most of my beard is white ( I’m almost 70). My ’tache is brownish with too many coffees & cigs. Where can I get my set whitened ( not lightened )?
    I live on the south coast

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