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When to Use Beard Oil? (Quick Fire Answers)

May 21, 2018

when to use beard oil

Are you wanting to know when to use beard oil?

As you probably already know.

We hand brew some mighty fine beard oil.

Hence, we often get a fair few questions surrounding when to start using beard oil such as:

  • “Should I apply morning or night?”
  • “When should I start?”
  • “When is the best time?”
  • “Balm or the oil? When and how”

Woah, woah…woah. Take it easy, my furry fellow.

Should I apply beard oil morning or night time?

First off.

You’re not going to like this answer as it is generic as heck.

But genuinely, do whatever works for you. Some guys can’t stand going the day without beard oil and some feel like it weighs their beard down so they condition at night time.

Really - it’s about having some fun with your beard - and part of that is the experimenting and having a play around with your beard. You will soon work out what’s right for you.

That said, our recommended beard care routine looks a little something like the following:

At Night Time

You’ve just had a lovely warm shower (hey, not too warm though otherwise you dry your beard out and turn it wiry) and your beard is just around 8% damp (towel pat dried) and this is the perfect time to apply some lovely beard oil.

At Morning

And this is the kicker.

You apply a beard moisturiser if you’re struggling with the dryness of your beard and want to give it some shape too (it performs like a beard leave in conditioner - holding on to the moisture whilst also injecting some hydration too).

If you’ve got a particularly unruly beard, then our beard pomade is probably the way to go. It will help tame down flyaways and is great at making your beard look fuller and more put together.

When Should I Start?

The best time to start applying beard oil?

Is literally right now.

Yes, even if you are on the two day stubble stage.

See beard oil doesn’t just work for your actual facial hair but also your skin too. As the hairs grow out, sebum the natural oil that resides on your face gets soaked in to produce stronger facial hair and this is what results in your skin getting dry under your beard  - and of course the dreaded beard itch.

Even just applying one or two drops a day is great for the oncoming beard, plus it just acts like a natural moisturiser fragrance. Basically, a face oil.

Then start upping the quantity, the more and more facial hair you grow.

When is the best time to use beard oil?

We’ve alluded to it already above.

But the absolute best time (although certainly not necessary) is just after you have had a warm shower and got your face and beard a little wet.

See this is when your skin pores are most exposed after a bit of heat.

However, you don’t want to be applying a load of beard oil with your beard still wet through. Towel pat it dry to like we said above about 8% and this is perfect to start applying the beard thoroughly right down to the base of your beard (i.e your skin).

When to use beard balm over oil (and vice versa)?

This is a question we get a lot.

And it makes sense, as it can get quite confusing.

First thing to know is we’ve technically got two beard balms:

That said, we have concocted to them to two very different jobs. The multi balm is essentially what we term as a beard moisturiser and it’s basically a dry version of a beard oil, the main job is keeping your beard in top condition.

The second beard balm is fundamentally a styling product (often referred to as a beard pomade) and although it does have some natural conditioning and moisturising properties - the main purpose is to help big beards, and those who have difficulty getting it underwraps by offering a stronghold styling capability.


From the get-go.

We recommend that you always integrate a beard oil somewhere within your beard grooming routine, no matter how early on you are.

With the balms, however, you do need a little bit more growth. If you are only maintaining a relatively short beard then the multi is ideal. Switch it up to use either end of the day (just don’t apply oil and balm at the say time, or if you do apply about half and half of each - the result is usually an oily greasy mess).

The use for the texture balm tends to come in for those guys with bigger beards and are in need of some drastic styling or just some sort of bearded management because it is getting a little out of hand. The earliest is when your beard is about at the 2 inch level, anything less than that the multi balm is the way to go.

If you just needed to use one beard product out of them all though. We recommend go with the multi beard balm (hence the name) it is a jack of all trades.

- Provides the necessary conditioning and hydration your beard needs

- Offers a slight natural hold to your beard (as well as giving you a healthy sheen and aesthetic)

-It makes your beard smell freaking awesome (available in 5 exhilarating scents - the Outlaw however seems to be a  clear favourite).

Need complete beard care?

If you are struggling with your bard a bit and now looking for the complete beard care and grooming overhaul, then our beard kits are just the thing. They contain three products: a beard oil, beard moisturiser and moustache wax to tackle anything a beard might be facing (whether your new to the beard game or experienced) - these sets will help bring it to the next level.

And if you have any more questions just leave them in the comments section below - and we will get back to you as soon as. Hopefully, you now have a better idea as to when to use beard oil - but if you need any more help then get in touch.

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