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What Type of Beard Comb Should You Get?

October 05, 2018

Type of Beard Combs

Do you want to know what type of beard comb to get?

Like we have said many times.

It’s great that guys are taking care of their beards the right way and investing in a bunch of beard grooming goods such as beard oil, beard balm and so on.

However, what they seem to be missing out on is what we like to refer to as the second half of the equation.

The maintenance side.

See it goes something a bit like this.

Grooming + Maintenance = Great Beard.

And a key component of that maintenance is ‘beard combs’ - it’s a key item in a beardsman’s grooming arsenal. With regular use comes a bunch of benefits too.

It helps tame even the most wild facial forests (that almost looks like there is just no hope left), shaping and styling them as well as helping your face to form solid roots with distributing the natural oils that reside on your face (namely sebum).

Now as you are probably aware there are a wide range of beard combs out there - a lot though, are probably what you need (if we were to put it lightly) - certainly not every version is the one you should be going for.

You need to look in the model you need depending on the type of beard you have, how you want to maintain it, what you are going to use with (product wise), how often you are using it and so on. Do you want it to be folding/portable? Have a handle so you can get a grip and so on?

Beard Comb Construction

First off.

Let’s go into the different materials that you can get with a beard comb. One golden rule we have here is that anything plastic (apart from cellulose acetate) should be avoided.

Then generally speaking you are ok, even still you should be looking for a decent made beard comb and as with anything you definitely get what you pay for in this realm.

  • Bone: yes, you read that right. And actually it’s pretty good for your beard. Like your beard, bone combs are also made of keratin. The advantage of a good comb made of keratin is that it will make for an easy glide through your beard so it won’t snag or create a static feel as well as work to evenly distribute the oils across your beard.
  • Metal: you will find that they are made from all sorts of metals but in general they have a aluminium or type of stainless steel to provide that durability factor which is the main advantage of metal combs (especially when they are well maintained). Plus, like the bone beard comb you should expect it to be almost frictionless.
  • Cellulose Acetate: also refered to as a natural form of plastic this is the other common form of material amongst beard combs and genuinely hold the benefit of being a cheaper type of comb yet a lot whole lot more effective in the art of beard combing than a cheap pvc one.
  • Wood: we don’t want to sound bias or anything here (given that we do indeed craft our very own wooden beard comb) but all round (especially for the relative price) we believe a good bit of lumber is a guy’s best option. Why? It ensures that you are treated a staticless and smooth comb through whilst ensuring that the oils you’ve applied are distributed uniformly across your face and throughout the beard. Plus, when a wooden beard comb is ‘treated’ the right way’ it has extreme durability.

Type of Beard Comb

  • Handled or Straight teeth: this basically just comes down to simple ergonomics as well as general preference. Whether you want to be grabbing hold of a firm handle as you comb out your beard or an actual ‘straight teeth’ comb. We prefer the straight teeth as we fell it gives you a better grip and can work all the angles, where as a handle can feel somewhat distant (still it’s about preference here).
  • Wide Tooth or Thin Tooth: we are specifically referring to the spacing between the comb teeth. For the main body of your beard, you’re definitely going to be wanting to opt for a the wider set. Then when it comes to your moustache, opt for the thin tooth combs - hence why you see a lot of comb sets together with a specialised moustache comb as the hairs tend to be a little finer and also allows more ability for intricate styling.
  • Folding versus non-folding: this is just a case of portability. If you want a comb that will go on your travels. A comb that folds is ideal. They just tend to be a bit flimsy - so a chap with a big beard might struggle. If you are wanting a proper comb to do the majority of your beard maintenance though we recommend going for one without.

Any Beardy Problems? Then let us Know!

Please do get in touch with us.

Whether you are having difficulty deciding which beard comb you are after - material wise, type wise 0- make sure that you get in touch with us so you we can find out exactly the type you in and your beard needs!

(even if it is not one of our own, we will help to point you in the right direction for the good of you and your beard).

All you have to do is head to our contact page.

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And send.

Then we will be with you a whole lot sooner than you think.

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