What to Look for in a Beard Brush

What to Look for in a Beard Brush

When it comes to Beard Care 101.

Realistically, after you’ve got a fair few inches of beard growth on you.

We believe wholeheartedly that every beardsman should be owning at least one beard brush and one beard comb (and at the very minimum one or the other - and if we had to narrow it down to just one - it would be the beard brush - although we did do a comparison article if you feel like a comb might be better suited).

The thing is this though.

Just like with beard oils.

Just like with pretty much anything in life to be fair.

Not all beard brushes are made the same. That’s why we wanted to craft this little guide, so you know exactly what to be looking for - cause ultimately although you can certainly be forgiven for thinking a brush is a brush at the end of the day - the impact it can have your beard if you get the wrong one is… well… not great.

If you want to save yourself the research and take our trusted word for it. Can we recommend that you look at the best beard brush going (honest, no bias here).

That’s why we recommend you look for the following qualities:

  1. i) It’s a practical size and ergonomic shape.

You wouldn’t believe the awkwardness of some beard brushes and using that daily on a fairly hefty beard is just unnecessary strain and pain. Handle ones are great as you can get some leverage but ones that sit in your palm are good too.

Likelihood is that you want to be carrying this around with you in a grooming bag of some kind when you go on trips, so pay attention to whether it is quite compact and doesn’t weigh a whole lot (yet, is still firm and durable and won’t let you down within a year - the bristles should be going before anything else).

  1. ii) 100% Boar bristle or Horse hair.

You will find most of the premium beard brushes are made from either one of those and that’s because they contain special properties. We aren’t really impressed with the synthetic bristles and quite frankly they seem to do more hard than good.

Pay attention to whether they describe the firmness of the bristles whether they are ‘hard’, ‘medium’ or ‘soft’ this mainly comes down to a matter of preference - but most guys in our book should be opting for the mid one unless they have a particularly coarse beard or they are very sensitive.

iii) Look for the type of wood they are using.

Some is simply easier to maintain then others. We made ours with this very purpose in mind, hence is completely 100 percent Beechwood (both the handle and the body) which has then been coated to prevent any potential wood corrosion that can occur.

Like always if you are struggling to narrow down a beard brush choice, give us a shout - naturally we will put ours forward as first point of call as a lot of work, trial and testing has gone into it. However, if it isn’t for you that’s cool but are trying to decide between a few others we are happy to give our thoughts and point you in the direction of which one we’d choose and why.

You can get in touch with us here and we will get back to you sooner than you think!

As always, keep on beardin’ fellas!

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