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What’s the best way to use beard wax?

September 29, 2019

What’s the best way to use beard wax?

When it comes to using any kind of product in your beard, it’s easy to get confused and over-do it. Just like hair products, it’s very easy to overestimate how much you need. Using too little often leaves you with hair that is pretty undesirable and looks like you’ve barely even tried. Use too much, though, and you’ll end up looking like a 1970s greaser type. So, you have to work out what you want to do. When it comes to the beard, it’s even more important to get your quantities right.

Beard wax is no different. Many guys will want to know how to use beard wax but might not be so good at putting their education into practice. To help you make sure that you can get the most out of that beard waxing set everyone is politely recommending you try out, here are some tips. it might not make your beard waxing perfect just yet but stick at it and you’ll start to notice less clumps, less shine, and less inconsistency.

With that in mind, then, you should look to start using our beard wax tips below starting from today.

Get your beard ready

The first mistake that a lot of guys use is a failure to manage their beard. If you want to learn how to use beard wax effectively, get used to cleaning and shampooing that beard. Clean it fully of any mess, dirt, debris etc. that might have built up.

That might sound gross, but we all know how hedge-like our beards can become. As such, before you even think of applying anything you should get your beard nice and clean first. That will ensure that the process is going to be easier, and the results are generally going to be more impressive.

You’ll also find that your beard is much easier to keep the wax profile visible in if you get it super-clean first. It might need a shampooing or two, but you will benefit from having a better quality of beard anyway, so it’s worth doing.

Is it dry?

Before you do anything else, keep your beard as dry as you can. Many people have the mistaken wisdom that leaving their beard a bit damp is a good idea – it’s not as good as it might seem. Once you have washed and shampooed that beard to the best of your ability, dry it off thoroughly. Don’t just get rid of the wetness – remove all dampness.

A thorough and sincere drying is an essential part of learning how to use beard wax. So, keep that in mind; damp is not going to help you out much.

Starting slowly

Next, we recommend that you take the time to get a beard comb and run it through every part of your beard as thoroughly as you can. It’s a good idea as it will begin to give your beard a more consistent look and shape, making it easier for the waxing to work.

Once you have done this and you feel a similarity in your beard from side to side, start waxing. Start off nice and slow, and use a VERY small amount of wax on the palm of your hand. rub that wax in, and then start using it on one side of the beard only.

Once you feel like the beard is beginning to get enough on one side, put the same amount onto your palm and repeat on the other side. Start as small as you can, and you should begin to notice that your beard is becoming more consistent in tone. 

The finishing touches

Once the wax is in – and remember, you do not want too much – you should use your beard comb. Start styling and shaping the beard, working each little section piece by piece until you have the right amount of detailed on the beard. Once you do that, then you should look to then rub the same amount of wax on the front of your beard.

Do that, and if you need to then grab a towel and start to work on it. Dabbing some of the excess off is important, as too much wax can begin to look greasy. It should have a shine and a glamour to it, but it should not leave your beard looking greasy or anything of the sort.

Basically, it’s all about using your comb and very conservative amounts of wax on each side of the beard. Once the sides are down, getting the front to match is going to be much easier. It will always come down to trial and error, but the secret is to use a comb, not to just keep applying wax! 

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