What is Beard Cream? (And Should You Get Some)

What is Beard Cream? (And Should You Get Some)

So what is a beard cream? Exactly.

We’ve got to admit, we’ve been in the beard game a fair while and this is the first instance we’ve heard of it when a guy dropped in a message asking us our thoughts on it…

And honestly?

We’ve never heard of it.

Our immediate thoughts proved right though. It’s basically another term, another way of trying to differentiate the same product but giving it a different name.

In the same way a beard oil can be called a beard tonic, a beard elixir, a beard and so on. It just seems some beard companies have called their beard balms, a beard cream rather than the traditional term.

Which is fair enough.

The Important Part

Is determining exactly what the beard cream has in store for you and your beard in the future. For instance, a couple of questions you could be asking yourself:

  • Does the beard cream actually offer much ‘conditioning’ aspects?

  • Is the cream for your beard more of a styling product?

  • Is it scented? Will it clash with a beard oil you put on a couple of minutes earlier?

  • When should you be using it in the grooming routine?

  • How should you be using it, do you apply a lot for a big beard and so on?

I know we encourage you to experiment - and you absolutely should - at the same time, it’s a matter of trying to figure out if whether you really need it, and will it benefit your overall beard.

And this goes with any beard product you buy, that you are a little unsure of - make sure you inspect the ingredients, whether the the company is in fact certified and actually produces their products legally.

In the case of beard cream.

After inspecting the market somewhat. Like we say, it seems to literally just be a beard balm. We could have very called our multi beard balm (the classic beard moisturiser) that we have the same thing. It’s just a loose term that seems to be applied to whatever type of product they are making.

The same goes for beard pomade.

You can quite easily call a beard wax or the styling balm that we have and brand it under the same name. So in answer to the question really.

What is a beard cream?

For now at least we’d call it a beard balm. To us, it sounds like it would be more in the conditioning side of the family.

As we discussed here:

In what does beard balm do exactly (simply explained)?

Should you pick some up?

If you are struggling with aspects of your beard being a little coarser than you’d like it to be. A little too rough. Wiry and scraggly.

Yeah we recommend picking up a tin for sure and using it conjunction with a good quality beard oil. We can’t speak for other beard creams, but what we can 100% endorse is our very own beard conditioner balm.

That is more than capable of meeting the above requirements for your beard to ensure that it stays well hydrated, soft and in check.

Like we say, we would recommend that you are doing the deep conditioning aspect for your beard on a night time with the beard oil (applying it thoroughly within the beard) ideally just after a warm shower (where you haven’t washed your beard or at the least have only co-washed it ).

Then when it comes to the morning you can splash a couple of drops of beard oil but then you go over it with the multi balm which basically performs like a conditioner slowly and gradually hydrating the beard through the day as well as helping to lock the moisture in.

After you’ve applied some of the balm, we’d recommend going over that with a proper beard brush to help properly distribute not just the additional moisture but the natural beardy goodness that was already residing in your beard (i.e sebum) and help to distribute that throughout.  

This will give your beard much better standing in helping it to become softer and more manageable on a day to day basis. Let us know though, if you are thinking of buying a specific dedicated beard cream and we’ll give you our thoughts - we’d be very interested to hear how you got on with it and what you think the good and bad parts are.  

Let us know if you are having issues with your beard


Get in touch with us, we’ll probably be with you much sooner than you think. Literally, all you have to do is let us know what’s bothering you.

Whether that’s a bad case of the dreaded itchy beard, you are suffering with beard dandruff (that’s definitely a thing), it’s generally not feeling very comfortable (i.e it’s itchy, it’s wiry etc.) and you just aren’t getting on with it.

Hit us up.

Together, we’ll try and work it out to ensure you are getting where you need to be so you are happy with the state of your beard.

A golden fix to sorting out your beard

Invest in the appropriate beard set.

Whether you have an upcoming birthday or you just deserve to treat yourself (heck, you might want to treat a fellow beardsman to one), this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your beard game.

It comes with the appropriate grooming products to make sure your beard is getting it needs to thrive, awesome styling products so it actually looks the part and depending if you go for a more advanced package you will be supplied with the beard accessories and maintenance tools too, which we like to refer to as the other half of the beard care equation.

Like always gents if you have any issues, problems or queries don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with us whether it is through our Instagram account or through email here. We’ll be in touch soon.

Happy bearding. 

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