What Does Beard Balm Do to Your Beard? (Simply Explained)

What Does Beard Balm Do to Your Beard? (Simply Explained)

We get this question a lot from beardsmen emailing in.

(Which by the way, we 100% encourage you to do so - as we love speaking to you guys).

And we get it to be honest.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding beard balm and beard oil as it is - then here we are introducing two different types - there’s no wonder guys are wondering exactly what does a beard balm do for his beard.

That’s why we thought this was the perfect opportunity to keep it simple for you.

So you can hopefully get a better understanding as to exactly it is which product you want for your beard as well as knowing what is you want your beard to achieve.

Let’s get to it:

Beard Balm Types

This can be basically broken down into two main types.

  1. i) You have what is known as a styling beard balm.

These also sometimes get called beard pomades and is typified basically by our very own texture beard balm.

  1. ii) You also have what is known as a conditioning beard balm.

These often get referred to as beard leave in conditioners as well as beard moisturisers, again this is typified by our multi beard balm.

(What you will tend to find with most beard companies is that they will have just one type of balm and that usually falls into one or two camps - or somewhere in the middle, which we don’t really understand because then it isn’t really doing either job then).

Styling Balm

I guess the clue is in the name really.

As you can probably already workout this product is about helping you to style your beard, giving a control over your beard (and basically resembles almost like a beard wax) so you can get to grips with the unruly hairs that are sticking out everywhere.

Particularly useful for beardsmen who have beards that are on the larger side - and for those wanting to give the actual texture of their beard a swift edge.

As a general rule we don’t really recommend you size up our texture balm until your beard is at least two inch long. If it is shorter than that at the moment and you do want to start getting to grips with the beard a bit more, we’d point you in the direction of the multi balm (unless it is literally just out of control).

So consider this fundamentally a styling product.

Moisturising Balm

On the other hand a moisturising balm although will offer you some styling abilities and control is fundamentally about keeping your beard in the best possible condition.

We find it works particularly well on a morning before you head out to work. Why?

As this way, not only do you afford a little bit of control to your beard as you set out for work to keep it somewhat in shape, as it performs like a leave in conditioner - it helps to keep your beard manageable and tame right through the day, hopefully keeping any dreaded itch away until after work.

Which by that time you can top it up with a match beard oil.

So you can consider this an out and out conditioning product.

Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm

When it comes to this comparison - the only real products you should be comparing are the moisturising balm and the oil.

(The styling balm is exactly that a styling product, the oil and balm are two conditioning products).

In all honesty, there’s not that much difference.

I mean take a look at the ingredients bar literally two extra ingredients in the beard balm, they are the same. We even often refer to the mutli balm as basically the dry and solid version of the beard oil.

And actually why we end up recommending you use both (one in the morning and one at night, whichever suits you best really - that’s why we encourage you to have a play and to make sure you experiment with your beard, it’s about having a bit of fun with it - that said, we recommend that you don’t use a beard oil and balm at the same time, otherwise you are likely in for one hell of a greasy mess).

Ultimately though, you will get a deeper and more intensive conditioning with the beard oil where as the multi balm it affords you some hold and gradually releases the moisture into the beard too. You will also get a shinier finish with a beard oil and a more matt type look with the balm.

Want to make sure you are giving your beard the best possible treatment?

Now although this sounds quite intimidating (and it to be fair it is for those beardsmen who don’t quite know what they are doing).

We’ve made it really, pretty much… dead simple.

Literally, pick yourself up one of these.

A beard kit that basically supplies you with exactly what you need to have a rockin’ beard.

Firstly, a beard oil to ensure it is stays healthy, soft and supple. A beard moisturiser to lock in the hydration as well as supply you some hold for the main body of the beard. Then finally a moustache wax to help unlock the key to making your beard truly stand out, by styling up that wicked ‘stache of yours.

In all, we consider it pretty much the ultimate beard grooming kit.

Have anymore questions what beard balm does?

We love talking with beardy folk so if you have any more questions about beard balm or oil, don’t hesitate to ever get in touch. Like we say, we love beard talk with experienced and bearded guys who have just started out on the journey.

So if you feel like you are stuck, not happy with how you beard is looking or feels - or are just looking to make even more gains for your awesome man mane. Then contact us - and we will get back to  you right away.

Either way, chill out and keep on bearding fellas.

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