Ultimate Beard Oil Gift Set (UK Nottingham Made)

Ultimate Beard Oil Gift Set (UK Nottingham Made)

Now this is the story all about how our life got flipped upside down… oh hold up.

Wrong story.

This is the story of we recently came up with a rather innovative idea to help beardsmen choose between their favourite three oils we have on offer (plus it makes for a freaking great beard gift too - heck, treat yourself if you want, we ain’t judging - or at the at least add it some sort of much-wanted-presents list).

That have proved time.

And time.

And time again.

To feature on our all times best selling beard grooming products list.

We’ve come to the decision, that no longer, will our customers struggle… ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over which is the right scent to go for.

As we’ve created what we like to refer to as the Ultimate Beard Oil Gift Set.

That’s right.

It took us hours of deliberation, weighing up how exactly we are going to approach it but it basically comes down to adding all three (that’s right, all three) of our best beard oils in one convenient gift set.

At the time of writing this, all have multiple five star (only) reviews from genuine beardsmen. It’s fair to say we are a little proud of these three oils.

Wait though. Here’s the best part.

It saves you a whole load of cash and represents pretty darn awesome value for money.

The gift set is available right here. [this will be a link to it]

So exactly which scented beard oils are they -  we hear you cry (we thought you’d never ask):

OLD SMOKE - (Whiskey Scented Beard Oil)

OLD SMOKE - (Whiskey Scented Beard Oil)

There’s one very darn good reason this is the all time best selling beard product (out of the entire range of beard grooming products we do here at RHBC) - cause it smells… well there’s no better way to put it than how one reviewer stated:

Manliness at its very core. Think whisky, dark rum and cigar scent. This smells like the finest things in life rolled into one amazing beard oil. Strong and deep, but still not overpowering. A scent that lasts all day and then some. A true benchmark of manly scents

Not bad, ey? It really is one of the creations we are most proud of here at RHBC and we have no doubt you and your beard will love it too. Heading out for a special meal this evening? Or just cracking on with the lads down the pub? This is the oil you want stored in your bathroom cabinet ready for those types of occasions. That or you just want to smell like a freaking bad ass every day.

THE OUTLAW - (Bay Rum Scented Beard Oil)

THE OUTLAW - (Bay Rum Scented Beard Oil)

Ahhh. We know you’ve seen it.

The offset packaging. That’s right, that means it is a premium beard oil. One of loyal customers sum it up rather nicely:

“Simply magical. The quality and scent of this bad boy is second to none long lasting scent without the super oily feeling beard , this is my everyday oil and that won't be changing anytime soon great job.”

Put it this way, it’s darn good. It boasts a beautiful bay rum aroma that really projects and oozes an air of manliness around your beard. You know like ‘this is just how beards ought to smell like’ but all the time.

You can find out the full details of what exactly goes into this and what makes it so special right here.

RUSKY LOVE (Cinnamon & Lavender Beard Oil)

RUSKY LOVE (Cinnamon & Lavender Beard Oil)

Maybe this one needs some sort of warning label - wause we have been getting multiple reports of it going down very, very well with the ladies.

I mean just check out this review:

“Wow! A fiery, spicy Cinnamon hit that stays all day, without being overpowering, but reminding you of its presence with every swish of your beard. Think heat, think passion. A rugged spiced scent that seems a hit with the wife especially The oil itself soaks into the beard fantastically well leaving it well conditioned and non-greasy, but with the minimum amount of oil needed too, meaning I was halving the amount used from my previous brand of oil.”

Like we say, it’s a freaking great beard oil.

Needless to say, this is a concoction we are ‘particularly’ proud of. It’s a hard kicking, straight into the nasal cavity spicy and exotic cinnamon powerful tonic - bordering on some sort of creative beard love potion that will certainly get the heart racing.

Now just imagine... having to try and choose out of all those three. See, we told you we made it easy for you for a reason. Go ahead, pick up the beard oil collection right here.

How do the beard oils differ from one another in the gift set?

It’s basically just the scent.

You can see from all the beard oil ingredients, that they have essentially the same base of carrier oils to them. So in effect how they perform with your beard is equally beneficial, the only real difference between all three is the scent - which is achieved with the varying essential oils (that do contain slight differing benefits of their own too for your beard).

What makes these beard oil so great?

We source the finest ingredients, hand batch and meticulously produce every single beard oil to ensure that every beardsmen gets nothing but the best. Plus, they are just freaking epic for your beard - helping it to achieve it’s full beardy potential.

As we always say, if you have any questions - at all - about the beard oil gift set, then get in touch with us right here.

We are more than happy to talk about anything beards, whether you need help choosing which beardy goodies you need, what beard problems you are facing and so on - we are more than happy to help and will get in touch with you as soon as we can!

Take it easy bearding fellas.

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