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Top 10 Finest Celebrity Beards

October 23, 2018

 Celebrity Beards

Check out the best celebrity beards.

This was no easy feat.

We’ve rattled our brains long and hard for a “beard ranking” beyond all proportions, searching far and wide to find some of the most glorious beards the world has to offer. From shape to colour consistency, even the way they sway with a slight and sudden breeze.  

But, we are proud to say we’ve finally done it and the results are in, a list of 10 rock solid celebrity beards that are the thing of bearded envy (benvy, for short), the facial scruff women wish they could snuggle up to and men wish they could grow - and without further or do, let’s crack into it.

#10 Tom Hardy’s “past grizzly stage” Beard

If there was ever a man to give the bearded nod of approval towards, it has to be this fellow, Mr Tom Hardy. Granted, a superb actor by all means whose risen to fame with hit after hit but can he sport a pretty class beard too.

You can see from the clip above, he’s purposefully grown it for the villainous role of Alfie Solomons in the smash hit of BBC’s peaky blinders. However, you’ll have seen at least some stubble featuring in the recent mad max remake too. An all round top bloke, with an even sounder beard. What a great way to start the list off.

#9 Jason Momoa’s Kahl Drogo Beard

Probably every guy’s favourite character from Game of Thrones (at least season 1 anyway), in fairness this actually a very close tie with Yorkshire’s very own Sean Bean (playing Eddard Stark), however with his distinctive use of beard beads and angular shaping it just oozes all round “manliness” and intimidation. Besides, who we are to let get in the way of a very well deserved position on this spot of darn right awesome beards.

There’s a couple of honorable mentions from the Game of Thrones world actually, Tormund Giantsbane rocks a rather healthy ginger beard, Rodrik Cassell also has some rather epic and rather inventive sideburns going on.

#8 Chris Hemsworth Beard

Although his beard and coincidentally his eyebrows looked a little on the unrealistic side of things (probably having been dyed blonde). We know you blonde beards are like the unicorns of the beard world. Chris’ natural looking beard is thick and proper. Certainly when compared to a lot of the other heroes in the Marvel Universe world.

There are some other good notable mentions from Marvel though certainly has a little more to offer than DC anyhow (got to give a shout out to Henry Cavill's early stage superman though). Iron man (Robert Downey Jr) offers a rather prim and proper goatee, Captain America (Chris Evans) actually does a rock a rather solid beard too. Thor’s dad, Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins) offers a rather awesome beard too and of course who can forget the classic Wolverine (offered by no other than Hugh Jackman).

#7 Dan Bilzerian’s Beard

Dan Bilzerian, the instafamous Poker player that pretty much every guy wants to be sharing his rather lavish lifestyle - whatever you do think of him, he does a rock a pretty epic beard.

It’s actually a rather unique beard it takes on quite sharp angles and is nevertheless wholesome and thick - an iconic part of his image - it’s even got its own twitter handle named after it, the Bilzerian beard.

#6 David Beckham

I mean let’s face it, pretty much everything looks pretty great on Mr Beckham anyway, but there’s no denying it is there, he’s got some great beard game.

It even became the thing of news at one point reaching fever pitch in late 2009 - and he continues to sport at least some facial hair. You can see from his recent interview with James Corden on the late night show - David certainly knows how to rock a short and controlled beard.

#5 Idris Elba

“Because Idris Elba.”

If you’re a guy, teetering on whether to pursue the bearded journey, just remember those three words and you’ll be pursuing man mane glory in no time.

Ever since watching him in Luther (if you haven’t seen it yet, by the way, make sure you get it a watch completely worth it) he’s reassured me, even when it starts to go a tad grey here and there. It’s all going to be alright, because man I would swap my beard right now with him if I could. An all-round super cool guy with perhaps an even better beard.

#4 “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling

I wanted to include Ryan Gosling’s facial foliage and hold it as a prime example (we could have just as easily picked out Keanu Reeves) to guys out there that you don’t need a full on thick beard that requires intensive beard care and maintenance for it to look good.

I mean it’s actually slightly patchy in a few places and lacks connectors - but he pulls it off rather well by sticking to a few classic rules on making the most of what you’ve got. In fact, after seeing the Notebook (my girlfriend made me watch it, I promise) he actually partly inspired my own bearded journey.

#3 Ryan Reynolds

Another Ryan and another awesome beard. There’s no doubting he is a dapper chap, but his facial hair offers him a certain “sophistication”. You can see that he tends to his beard, keeping it all in order and just looks more freaking manly dude.

Plus, like you can see here with him being interviewed with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show he thinks about how it compliments his overall look, working with his hairstyle all being faded continuously that gives him so serious extra style points. Good job.

#2 Joe Wilkinson

A classic and raw british comedian who perhaps doesn’t hold quite the same starlight as some of the other names that feature on this list, but there’s no doubting that he poses some strong and rock solid beard game and is known almost as much for his beard as he is his comedy.

#1 Bradley Cooper

So who’s beard do we envy most? Bradley Cooper’s. Now there’s no getting round it - he has a great beard, but why Bradley Cooper is at our number one spot is because he embraces exactly what it is to be a proper beardsmen. He works the beard right into his overall look.

Just like we mentioned with Ryan before how he thinks about how his hairstyle works with his facial hair, Bradley considers that but how he dresses to working dark brown leather jackets and other dark clothing to complement the overall look on what works for a beard and what doesn’t. A deserved number one for the best celebrity beard, and a style icon for beardsmen to look up to.

Are there some celebrity beards that you think should be on this list that are missing?

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