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Thin Scraggly Beard? 5 Fast Ways to Fix and Tame It

May 27, 2018

Scraggly Beard

Here's how to fix a thin scraggly beard.

We get it.

We’ve been there.

You wake up in a morning, eyes barely open, head over to the bathroom mirror, take one glance at the mirror and…

Oh no.

It hits you straight in the face like a shovel. It’s a bad beard day. We all get them, you know how it, where your beard just sorta, well… sucks.

It looks thin.

It looks scraggly.

And just looks sort of sh*t.

It happens, a lot.

Luckily, there are some quick fixes that we are going to address, right here, right now.

First. Hit up a good beard barber

Just like with beard products. Not all ‘beard barbers’ are good ones.

Make sure you do your due diligence and work out which is the better ones.

We only know of a couple that we would trust our precious beards with -, our favourites though? Has to be Brik Barbershop  and Less Than Zero Barbers - they both do a great beard trim and will actually style the beard how you want it - rather than just what they think a beard should look like.

Of course, this is the quickest way of making actual gains with your beard that will transform it from a thin scraggly mess, to something that looks the part

The only time, I wouldn’t advise this, is if you haven’t been growing out your beard for long enough - if you are only one month in, then you need to give it more time. Keep applying beard oil, comb it out and only start to think about this when you’ve got some significant growth on you and the patchiness has started to reside a bit more.

Second. Apply some beard grooming products.

We could mention a bunch of different beard products, what they will offer you, how they will benefit your beard. But, you’ve seen that before.

However, this is meant to be a quick, fast easy reading guide.

Therefore, we think should just get this.

Our Outlaw Beard grooming kit.



This is a selection that we’ve carefully put together and contains all of our best beard grooming products.

It will ‘more than’ cater for all your bearded needs and bring it up to the next level. Did we also mention your beard will smell better than it ever has with a rich complex bayrum and quite frankly awesomely masculine aroma that will have women running over to you like you see in the Lynx adverts. Ok, we might have gone a bit far there, but you get the picture, you will smell freaking epic.

Third. Brush it, comb it and care for it.

Often the one thing that a scraggly beard is crying out for is simple.

It’s just a bit of tender loving care.

Make sure when you are applying your beard oil and moisturiser (daily) that you also go over it with a comb or better yet a proper beard brush (make sure it either has boar bristles or horse hair bristles, we find these tend to work best) and actively grooming it. Just don’t over comb or brush it though. Once or twice a day when you apply the goods is more than good enough.

Also, make sure you aren’t drying it out. Keep away from showers that are too warm, don’t over wash it, make sure you only pat dry your beard - don’t be aggressive with them.

Fourth. Make sure you take care of the inner beard.

A lot of the tips above, have basically about making sure you look after the external side of your beard.

Getting it trimmed.

Making sure you are applying the right products on it.

Giving it some love, care and attention.

But don’t do what most bearded guys do and neglect what we like to term as the ‘inner beard’. The advice is the same as what you must have heard about a 100 times, but it rings true.

For instance, make sure you are eating a good well balanced diet to provide all the necessary vitamins, proteins and all round nutrition your beard needs to effectively grow. You might also know that the quality of your beard is linked to your ability to produce testosterone. How do you get good flowing levels of that in your body? You might have guessed, it you need to start pumping iron and chill out a bit more, don’t stress.

So ultimately…

Live a healthy lifestyle.

You and your beard is going to thank you for it.

Fifth. Make the most of it - and do what you can

We’ve outlined all the specific targets in this post here.

But it is basically about making the most of your beard’s appearance.

Even if that means using some slight tactics in order to do that.

For instance, a darker looking beard, is a fuller looking beard - how do you achieve a darker looking beard. Grow out your head hair, wear darker clothing t shirts, brush your beard inwards, try and uknot the hairs, cut off the split ends, plump up the beard.


A quick guide on fixing up a scraggly beard.

i) If you are at a complete loss, hit a good reputable barber.

ii ) if you have some idea of what you are doing, regularly trim and snip the beard where it needs to be snipped (don’t go chopping happy).

iii) Like all beardsmen should be doing apply beard oil regularly, to keep your beard in the best possible shape.

iv) If you feel like your beard is still rough and needs some additional taming too, invest in a beard moisturiser to bring it up to speed.

This is a marathon not a sprint. Whoever said guys, who have beards are lazy - might have a point. Guys who say guys with magnificent beards (like the one you are going to have after doing all the above) are lazy - are just plain idiots.

Ultimately, it might just be the case that you’ve got a somewhat patchy beard.

And what?

Own that beard.

Get a beard style that suits you, and just make the most of it. If Keanu Reeves can rock a patchy beard, so can you - the best trick to first tackle this issue is your friend at the barbers. Your second best bet, is to get some rock solid beard grooming goodies - and we don’t need to tell you where to find them do we? (It’s here, just in case).

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