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The Best Beard Jewellery to Bring Your Beard to Life This Christmas

June 12, 2018

beard jewellery

Looking for the best beard jewelry options?

When it comes to beard accessories, it’s either your thing or it isn’t.

Although we don’t sport beard rings and beads everyday (more on them later), when it’s a special occasion (like Christmas time) we do sometimes like to ‘jazz up’ the beard with a range of decorations and accessories.

But we aren’t going to stop there with this list, there’s maybe more out there than you think when it comes to different products you can get for your beard - for instance, do you know what beard filler is? Yes, it’s a thing.

So we thought for today’s post, we could through some of the best accessories for your beard and what you could to give it the edge.

Note: we do recommend putting your beard’s health first, so be careful that you don’t cause any damage.

And the trick to any good beard is proper beard care

Beard Beads & Rings

There is quite a surprising of different style of beard beads and rings on offer from celtic to viking styles.

Even something as simple as rubber bands to as sophisticated as bone beard beads - when we seem them we can’t help but see a nod to the dwarves from the hobbit or a Khal Drogo figure from Game of Thrones.

A great look to be fair if you get it right, certainly makes for a great fancy dress option if needed.  

Beard Jewelry

A natural progression from beard rings and beads is bearded jewelry.

The most famous brand that comes to mind is Krato Milano with some quite frankly stunning bits of jewelry that are actually pretty tasteful.

Granted, probably not for everyday use - but at the right place at the right time - it can be a great little statement piece to let your beard literally shine.

Of course, probably not to everyone’s taste mind.

Glitter Beard


You’ve come across the classic glitter beard phase. I think everyone and their grandmother’s have.

Rather popular around christmas (especially around the 2015 craze).

It’s been done to death, but we have to admit, if you do get involved with it - it is rather good fun so it stays on the list. Plus, you can get proper kits now, so it saves a lot of the mess that goes on.

Certainly a once in a year type thing. We just advise that you eat before you apply any glitter on - and man is it a pain to get off. Still worth 100% doing though.

Beard Baubles, Lights & Flowers

After the glitter beard came a whole host of other random objects that bearded fellows started sticking in their beard.

And if you need to have a fancy dress party idea - the beard does come in handy. 

You will have of course come across people sticking baubles in their beard, christmas lights and flowers that said checkout incredibeard. He takes it to a whole new level. Pencils, pens, noodles (yes, noodles) you name it.

A lot of inspiration to be fair of just how far you can go with your beard.

Practical Accessories

We didn’t feel like this list would be complete without the mention of actual practical beard accessories too. A wooden beard comb, a beard brush (we like to recommend boar in particular or horse).

Of course there are other tools as well that can come in handy such as beard bibs, shapers, trimmers and so on - all are pretty useful for maintaining a good looking beard and can make just living with it that bit easier too.

Beard Dye

Now, we’ve got mixed feelings about this one.

Generally, we speaking we dig natural beards the most.

Who doesn’t love a speckled salt and pepper beard?

That said, if you want to use a beard dye then that’s totally cool - we just want to make sure you are using one that’s ultimately going to end up damaging your beard. Try to stick to as natural one as you possibly can.

There are a lot of good henna ones out there supposedly, it’s not something we’ve tried ourselves but would love to get some feedback from some of you guys who have.

Beard Filler, Pencils & Make Up

Yes, You read that right.

You can actually get hold of a bunch of bearded makeup to help deal with a patchy beard - specifically beard filler and pencils that come in an array of varying colours. How good are they? We can’t really say, since we haven’t used them.

That said, we did want to include it in the list so that you are at least aware of them.

We do recommend you take a good look at the ingredients (just like we recommended with the beard dye though) just to make sure it’s not going to be damaging your beard in any way.

Want to give your beard the best look?

Decorating your beard and even applying beard make up to it is all well and good but if you don’t have a good solid beard in the first place, well things can just look a little bit… messy?

The quickest and best way to achieving a great beard.

Is treating yourself to a beard care kit.

This is a new introduction that we’ve put together to be basically help those who are newer to the beard game to save money (on all the products collectively) but having all the essential products in one neat place helps to take the headache out of debating which product do you need next, how and why.

As it should be, we wanted to keep bearing fun - so you don’t stress on what to get next after beard oil and so on.

That said, if you do have any concerns or worries about growing your beard or just want some general beardy advice (on pretty much anything) please don’t hesitate to speak with us - we love hearing from you guys and if we can help you out, that’s all the better (even if it is just to say “hi”).

Looking forward to hearing from you. And remember keep bearding.

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