How to Use Moustache Wax (4 Simple Fast Steps)

How to Use Moustache Wax (4 Simple Fast Steps)

At Robin Hood Beard co. we are actually massive advocates of moustaches.

We feel like they are one of the most neglected aspects of beardsmen and a well and truly styled stache can really help unlock a beard’s style and bring it to life.

That’s partly why we have put so much effort into making what we consider pretty much the best moustache wax on the market.

And also why we wanted to create this thorough guide on actually how to use moustache wax to make sure you get the most out of it.

In four easy to follow steps.

So let’s get started:

  1. Pick yourself up a tin of the finest moustache wax you can find.

This step is actually super easy.

We’ve got it right here.

Simply, pick a scent you like the look of (and think you will like the smell of) and if you are really struggling, I highly recommend The Outlaw - a gorgeous bay rum scented wax.

Now, once you’ve got the wax - before you go any further make sure you prep the moustache by just giving it a quick brush out and a comb (using a specialised moustache comb otherwise you will actually end up doing more damage then you set out to fix - especially if you use a cheap flimsy plastic one).

  1. Scoop some of the wax out.

Believe it or not this can actually be a little difficult if you are completely new to the game.

A trick to help scoop it out is to actually leave the slider tin in your pocket for a few minutes, this way it naturally starts to warm up and the wax becomes more malleable.

Then simply use the back of your thumbnail to dig in slightly and scoop just a little out.

How much you want depends on how bold of a style you are going for and how much moustache you have to work with.

Generally speaking we always urge you to err on the side of caution - since you can always add more wax if needed, but it’s harder to deal with if you’ve applied too much.

  1. Work it out onto your fingertips.

At this point it is still likely to be rather tough, so get a slide onto your finger tips and start to break it down gradually with the opposing hand to work it down and emuslify it so that it basically becomes workable when applying it to your moustache.

If you’ve used our beard balm before - it is very similar to that, although because it is tougher you are going to end up finding a bit harder work.

Trust us though, it’s worth it.

  1. Massage it into the whiskers.

You should now be at a point where it’s literally ready to apply straight on to the moustache.

We like to work our way from the centre of the ‘stache and outwards, then back in and out. Trying to distribute it whilst shaping it into place at the same time.

Chances are though you are going to find something that works for you (as with everything in bearding) and just stick to the method.

Like we say, the only real thing you have to watch out for is that the wax has distributed right through the whiskers and there aren’t any obvious clumps that are remaining in the stache (trust me, this tends to happen quite a bit with me).

(Optional) add a couple drops of beard oil.

This is a great little option if you feel like the wax is a little too much and too distinctive and want that more natural look.

Of course, just make sure it is the same scent and run your fingers through the stache to remove some of the excess wax - then as it begins to dry out, you should start to see it become a little more natural in appearance as well as loosen up slightly on the hold.

  1. Run your moustache comb through it.

Finally, with your fingers and moustache comb style it up a bit more to exactly how you want it - and knowing our stache wax it should hold their pretty much all day long.

And give you a delightful yet subtle whiff throughout the day.

Want to do your beard, moustache and wallet a favour?

Of course the key to a good beard isn’t just a killer moustache.

Although it certainly does freaking help!

That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to create quite frankly what we believe to be the ultimate beard grooming kit.

What’s inside? Good question.

First off, you are of course supplied with our legendary extra firm moustache wax that we’ve already discussed at great length but you are also supplied with two products we are actually rather freaking proud of!

  1. i) A ultra conditioning beard oil to keep your hairs smelling awesome as well as keeping them delightfully soft and supple.

  1. ii) A multi beard balm that performs like a specialised beard moisturiser and leave in conditioner to keep your beard in the best possible condition.

You can find out more here.

Still struggling with the ‘stache?

If you have ready any of our other articles here on Robin Hood Beard Co. you should know by now, we love talking with you guys.

We feel like if we get to know you better and help you out, we can end up making better products that basically helps suit your needs - plus what’s better than helping out a beardy fella in need? Literally, talk to us about anything.

Ask us what our favourite beard song is? It’s this by the way. Whether you should be using the multi balm or the texture balm? A beard oil and balm at the same?  We will get back to you with as soon as we can to try and help you out.

Either way though make sure you stay bearding.

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