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How to Use Beard Oil (5 Quick Step Guide)

May 27, 2018

How to Use Beard Oil

Do you want to know how to use beard oil?

Got a beard? Check.

Got some beard oil? Check.

Is it Nottinghamshire handmade, certified and all round freaking awesome?

(Only check that if you got it from us right here).

You’re off to a great start to owning a rather awesome beard. All you’ve got to do now is apply the beard oil and make sure you are doing it pretty much daily to keep your beard in the best possible shape.

So how to use beard oil?

Firstly, we recommend checking out the video we have produced along with our Beard Associate (Steve).

The general guidelines goes as follows:

Before you start if you have a quick beard brush or comb to hand just give it a neatening up beforehand.

  1. Dispensing the oil on to your ends of your fingers

The first step is simply about getting the oil from your bottle and on to your hands (as you can see from the video above, Steve likes to dispense it along his fingers).

Our bottles are designed so this step is made super easy (as you can see demonstrated) it is simply about shaking the bottle once for one drop. Need more? Give the bottle some more shakes.

You will see with other bottles that they either don’t have dispensers at all (where you find that you waste a lot of the oil) or use pipettes which can be frankly more effort than they are worth, trying to get the right amount out.

How much oil should you dispense?

That basically depends on the size of your beard. We’ve got a rule of thumb here that goes like: for every month of beard growth you’ve had, just add two drops on top of that. 0 months of growth? Use two drops. 4 months of growth? 6 drops. And so on.

This will see you right before you soon pick up a feel as to just how many you do need. Remember, owning a beard is about playing about with somewhat too.

You can always add more if needed, try not to drown your beard in the oil - otherwise it will just end up feeling greasy and heavy, should feel relatively light (almost like it is not even in at all).

  1. Rub your fingers together (from each hand)

This just basically helps disperse the oil throughout your fingers before you actually go in and apply the beard oil yourself.

Things are going to start getting a little messy.

That’s why we recommend you do it over a sink, preferably with a mirror in front of you - so you can exactly where your hands have been, where they are going and what you parts you might have missed and need a bit more attention.

  1. Massage into the beard

Now we recommend massaging the oil right into the beard. Outwards to inwards. 

So your left hand is massaging literally just about your left ear and likewise with your right and right ear and gradually work them downwards until they meet your chin. Then work away again all the way under your chin.

Go back and make sure you get beard oil on your ‘stache too.

Then rework all the beard oil, making sure that you basically cover your beard right from the base to the very tips.

The basic aim of the game? Cover as much of your beard in the oil as possible, go for the cheeks, under the chin, the sideburns, the moustache - basically the lot. However,  make sure you don’t neglect your skin - make sure that it is seeing some of the action too. It’s not just for your beard hairs.

Ok cool, but why massaging?

Well, it stems from the idea that it increases blood flow to your hair follicles - and as a result will carry better more nutrients that your follicles need to produce proper hair growth.

Plus, it just makes for a nice feeling on your face too. So it’s a win, win.

  1. Comb or brush the beard oil through

Not essential, as the oil should have dispersed nicely through your beard anyway - just using your fingers.

That said, after using a beard oil, it seems to have nice finish and sheen to it once you have gone over it with a proper boar bristle brush afterward - it helps to properly coat the beard as well as bring some order to it as well and general maintenance.

And there you have it, a properly oiled up beard.

Nice one, is there a good or bad time to apply it?

Well, the best thing about beard oil is that you can basically top up your beard with it, whenever you think is best.

However, if you want to try and make the very most of every milliliter in your bottle, the absolute best time is just after you had a warm shower (or basically taken your face to a warm flannel for 3 or 4 minutes), you have then dried your beard a bit.

And then you apply the beard oil as we have mentioned in the previous four steps.


As the heat as exposed your skin pores more, meaning they are more receptive and will be better at absorbing the nutritious oil across your face and to help with dispersing the oil too.

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