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How to Use a Beard Brush

September 27, 2018

How to Use a Beard Brush

Do you want to know how to use a beard brush?

This is a purely instructional post so you can make the best possible use of your beard brush and consequently get your beard looking great and have it in mighty fine form.

Of course, before we start.

We presume that you have got a darn good beard brush to work with.

If you haven’t?

We can gently push you in the direction of what we consider the darn best beard brush going.

Ultimately, if it’s something sub par - realistically - it’s probably going to cause more issues for your beard than it is fixing (causing potentially unnecessary beard hair loss, split ends and so on).

That’s why we very much advocate the use of 100 percent boar hair bristle brush (or horse hair in other cases).

Now let’s get to it.

A step by step guide on how to be using your beard brush:

Firstly, make sure it is clean. You don’t want to be brushing dirt into your beard.

Use a beard brush after you have applied some product (whether it be beard balm or beard oil) - you can use it without if need be.

Gently guide the brush across and right throughout your beard hair. Work with the way the beard is flowing. Right from the sideburns to the stace, to the underpart of your beard.

Make sure that the oil substance reaches the very base of the beard right to the tip, so it is well distributed throughout the beard.

Do this once (and max twice a day).

What you are going to find is that it feels freaking great to brush a smooth beard and it easily becomes therapeutic.

The issue of course is that you can over brush your beard quite fast. That’s why we recommend you keep it to max twice a day (and that’s when you apply the products - morning and night) unless it gets caught in the wind and turns into a general mess - especially if you are using a beard comb as well.

As ultimately you are weakening your beard and becoming more prone for losing beard hairs the next time you brush it. You will know you are brushing too hard when you start to lose beard hairs more so than you are already, whether it be on the pillow as you wake up, in the shower or even as you are combing your beard. 

How will you know if you have done a good job of brushing your beard?

Quite easily to be fair.

It will look better put together, in shape and more in place than when you started. The idea is to get a neater looking beard and not have the hairs tangled together. This gives the look of a better and ultimately thicker looking beard (rather than it just being all clumped together).

Plus, you are actually helping to i) stimulate the growth of your beard and ii) naturally distribute the oils that reside on your face as well as the beard (i.e sebum) to help keep not only the beard looking good but the natural foundation to your beard (i.e the skin on your face).

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