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How to Straighten a Curly Beard (Naturally Without Heat)

May 27, 2018 5 Comments

Straighten a Curly Beard

How to Straighten a Curly Beard (Naturally Without Heat)

Here's how to straighten a beard:

Now before we go any further with this styling tutorial on beard straightening.

We just want stop those curly bearded folk out there and say (from all of us).

That we are big fans of the curly beard, and you shouldn’t feel any pressure to straightening it out, letting loose is more than fine with us.

However, that said.

We get emails in and get asked this question almost all the time. So we thought, a simple but thorough guide on just how to go about getting a straighter looking beard.

Now there are two ways of going about this.

You can do it the natural way, which is 100% what we recommend, and what we are going to show you here and there is the quite frankly unnatural way (and a little dangerous) that involves the use of straighteners etc.

Now although, we don’t recommend the latter route (especially to relatively inexperienced beardsmen)- given the damage it can cause to your beard (leaving it dry etc.), it does leave a distinctively straighter looking beard.

At the end of the day, it’s your call.

But like we said above, this guide is just about achieving the straightened look naturally.

What will you need?

Firstly, we recommend you get your hands on the following:

  • A fantastic bottle of high quality hand produced beard oil (luckily, we know just the place you can pick some up).
  • A premium quality styling texture beard balm that’s going to do the majority of the styling (again, if you are looking where to buy some, you can find it just here).
  • Natural ‘good for your beard’ shampoo and conditioner for when you get into the shower and give your beard a wash (as this is where the straightening begins).

Now, you’ve got your beard goodies and supplies. What do you from here?

First Step

First off.

Give your beard a cleanse.

Make use of the beard shampoo and conditioner, washing your beard gently with lukewarm water - make sure you actively rinse it out. As an added step I like to try and separate the beard hairs from one another and almost pull them down (gently) away from my face.

Think of it as the first step to shaping and straightening the beard.

Second Step

As you step out the shower.

Make sure you dry the beard, patting it down.

As you do so though like you did when you applied the shampoo and conditioner, try and pull the hairs away from you and downwards. Keep the hairs as separated from each other as possible and start to pull away from you.

Towel pat it dry at this point.

Third Step

Apply the beard oil.

Firstly, it’s a great point to be applying beard oil anyway.

Secondly, it makes the beard hairs more manageable and you can get better control of them this way.

Again, when applying to try to pull the hairs away from the beard straightening them out as much as you can. Once it is fully applied, reacher for a beard comb (and follow up with a beard brush) gently stroking the beard hairs, straightening them up.

Fourth Step

Use our beard pomade (aka the texture beard balm).

This is what’s going to give you the hold that your beard is needing in order to actually try and keep the hairs straight. We recommend applying it in patches. Use some, then go over it with the comb. Move on to the next patch and so on.

From here, you should have started to make good progress.

Finally, once you’ve gone throughout your beard. Brush it downwards and away from your beard for another time.

Don’t forget to style up your ‘stache too with our moustache wax.

Optional Fifth Step

At this point, it should be looking a lot straighter.

However, if you still aren’t particularly happy with the results.

As a one-off. You could make use of a blow dryer with a diffuser as well as a beard comb to really draw the beard hairs out and get them straight.

Make sure you set it on a low setting and aren’t blasting the hairs for too long.

And reach for a beard oil to help replenish the moisture that’s lost once you’re done. Then give it all one final comb through.

The result?

Should be a darn good looking straight beard, that smells pretty awesome (make sure you try and get the products scents to match or at least scentless ones, preventing the scents from conflicting, so the rich nature and aromas of our beard products comes through) and has a healthy glow and sheen to it.

There is, however, one downside to this technique and that is at the very start.

See, we don’t advise that you should be washing your beard too much. A way to get around this is just to use the conditioner (there are plenty beard friendly ones out there, just try and make sure the ingredients are as natural as possible) instead of using a shampoo as well, as this is what does the most to strip the natural moisture that already resides in your beard.

Let us know how you get on if you plan on following the tutorial. As always if you have any issues, aren’t sure of something, need some beard advice or basically just fancy a natter - you know where to get hold of us. We get back to you as soon as.

Need an overall better behaved and better looking beard?

If your beard is getting a little out of control, the best and quickest fix we can recommend is picking yourself up two things:

i) some beard texture balm (or as a lot of our customers like to call it “beard pomade”).

ii) one of our structured beard grooming sets (that comes with a beard oil, moisturiser and moustache wax).

This way you’ve got everything you need that will improve not just the health of your beard but the appearance - with a healthier sheen - and you having better control over the shape and structure of the beard with the amount of hold on offer with the balms and waxes.  

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