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How to Stimulate and Promote Beard Growth (Quick Technique)

July 18, 2018

beard growth

Are you wanting to know how to stimulate beard growth?

Looking for a slight trick to gain the edge with your beard?

It doesn’t cost anything.

Chances are, you might be doing somewhat already.

Below, we are going to demonstrate a technique to actually help stimulate and promote healthy beard growth with your beard.

What you will need

Pretty much any conditioning beard product.

It does tend to work best though with your favourite beard oil (which will no doubt be in or collection right here of some of the finest and best smelling beard oils not just within the UK, but pretty much on the whole planet. A bit much? We’ll leave that you for you to decide. Our opinion - no, not really - they really do smell pretty darn good.).

After that, that’s pretty much all you need.

Maybe a rag to mop up the excess beard oil if there is any.

The technique

It’s basically about making the most of your beard oil.

So like we have mentioned before.

The opportune time is went your face is warm and that’s when your skin pores are most exposed - therefore most likely to absorb beard oil. Most commonly this is literally just after you have taken a shower.

You can mimic the effect though by literally just taking a warm flannel to your face and let it sit there for a few minutes.

Again, like we say not too hot otherwise you are weakening the beard hairs and consequently making them more prone to hair loss. This is certainly not something we want to happen given the next technique.

Ideally, your beard is still slightly damp.

Now like you normally would.

Crack open the lid of your beard oil and pour out the necessary amount of drops for your beard. If you are new to the game and don’t know exactly how much beard oil you should be using.

Apply the general rule of thumb we have which is basically count the amount of months that you have actually been growing the beard and then add 2. So it if it’s 3 months, you want to be using around 5 drops and so on.

This is only a guide though, the more you use your oil and the better you get to know your beard the better you will be able to gauge it.

Now for the technique

Instead of just rubbing the oil throughout your beard like you would usually - try performing a massaging motion with your fingertips as you start to gradually disperse the oil through your furry face.

Why this motion rather than just rubbing it?

We’re glad you asked.

Well just like massaging your scalp can promote hair growth, we reckon massaging your face will work for a similar reason. You are inducing blood flow.

Which helps carry the necessary nutrition for your beard to grow better. That’s why we advocate doing this for roughly 3 minutes, twice a day.

Once before you head out to work in the morning and once before you got to bed. Obviously, if you have a pretty decent beard already it’s not necessary - but for those struggling with a slightly patchy beard it’s worth an experiment and see if it is something that’s actually working for you.

By carrying it out for 3 minutes, you are ensuring that the beard oil you applied is also properly dispersed - again, this can work for a beard moisturiser and other beard lotion based products too.

Although it could work on a beard styling product, you’re not really using it for the same effect. Granted it’s good to get the product right throughout your beard but it’s for neatening up and styling the beard rather than directly looking after the health of your beard.

Again, this isn’t something that’s proven (although we would love to see a study on it), we just derived it from the study linked above (and we though it made a lot of sense) and since you are rubbing your beard anyway - it’s not that much more effort - to applying it to our beard.

Plus, it feels pretty darn lovely.

And your face feels all kinds of relaxed after.

What we will stress though, is make sure you get the other key aspect of properly applying your beard oil to completely cover your beard hair and don’t forsake the massaging for that.

Hopefully, you’re going to be going over it with a beard brush or something anyway to help make sure the oil is going up completely against the hair shaft. From the root of the hair to the very tip.

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