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How to Overcome the Awkward Beard Stage

April 30, 2019 2 Comments

How to Overcome the Awkward Beard Stage

The awkward beard stage.

This occurs when your facial hair is just venturing out of the stubble stage and into the beard.

And well it is somewhere in between.

It looks a bit of a mess.

Because it’s not quite long enough for trimming into a beard.

At the same time.

It’s not short enough to pass for some stubble anymore.

And generally speaking, it looks a bit of a mess and can be often a bit patchy - and is another reason why guys who would make generally good beardsmen - go back to clean shaven.

It usually happens, a week or two after the itchy beard phase - so you will be looking around week 6 to week 8 from going bald-faced.


Apart from taking our advice of growing a beard during the Movember or Decembeard time - to use that as a potential excuse.

There are things you can do during the awkward beard stage.

To generally.

Well make your beard look a whole lot less awkward.

  1. Beard Oil.

If you have ever read any of the blog posts before.

You will know that we are huge advocates of beard oil and if you aren’t using by the sixth week - then this my friend is an absolute necessity.

It will help to make your beard look healthier.

Look slightly thicker to help address any patchiness issues your beard is facing.

  1. Beard Comb.

Generally, guys going through this stage.

And are concerned about it.

Hence, you searched for this post.

Is that it is just a mess.

Beard hairs are clumped together. It is sticking out everywhere. It just doesn’t look good.

The best way of addressing this? Just comb the beard (with a decent beard comb).

  1. Beard Texture Balm

This is going to be your go to.

A texture balm provides you with some styling hold.

It can help bring in those beard hairs that aren’t going with the rest of the beard.

Help gives you some style.

Think of the hair on your head - without some styling product (e.g. a hair clay, hair wax, pomade etc.) it generally just looks a bit - well sh*t.

A texture balm is your beard friendly equivalent of a hair clay.

It provides added texture. Creates a matte look.

And will generally do wonders to help you and your beard out during this stage.

Creating a Good Beard Routine

At this stage.

It is vital to start putting down some good beard foundations.

Regularly, oil up your beard.

Comb and brush it once or twice a day.

Then when you want your beard looking good - get it styled up before you head out.

Remember, ultimately though.

That the awkward beard stage.

Is exactly that.

It’s a stage.

Keep in mind that your beard is going to grow out enough soon so that you can head to the barber and get it trimmed up till it is looking on point.

Literally another month worth of growth after the two-month stage and you should be ready.

The above tips - are just to help you ease your way through this awkward beard stage.

And if you are feeling really brave.

You can even give a beard trim a go yourself.

That said, if it is your very first time -- we 100% recommend that you go ahead and visiti a barber first before attempting it yourself.

Of course, if you ever have any questions or general questions about your beard -- then let us know.

Consider is your own personal beard coaches.

We want beardsmen and prospective beardsmen make the jump.

And we know through the countless beardsmen we talk to.

As well as our own personal experience that the very first few months are the most difficult.

So if it’s not advice, we can offer support.

And remember gents.

Happy bearding!

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November 08, 2020 – Sex without obligation –


July 20, 2020

My beard is thin on cheeks and moustache but thick under chin and neck area it looks very weird the low part grows but cheek moustache still patchy and thin what should I do ?? I’m 20 yo

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