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How to Neaten & Trim a Bushy Beard

August 21, 2018

How to Neaten a Bushy Beard

Looking to neaten up a bushy beard?

You get up in the morning and wander on downstairs to the bathroom, then it hits you *bam* right in the bathroom mirror.

That’s right, it's one of those days.

A bad beard day.

You’ve let it sneak up on you and get all out of control. It’s bushy, it’s messy and hairs are pointing out in every direction but the ones you want them to go in.

You know it’s time to neaten it up and trim your beard to start to look the part again. Now, if this is your first time - letting it get to that stage and a little unsure on how to proceed and understandably don’t want to really go ahead and mess it up, then we definitely recommend getting in touch with a reliable and well trusted beard barber to take on the task for you.

Then afterwards you can just follow the very same lines that the barber has set out either with a decent pair of proper beard scissors and/or a beard trimmer.

So what will you need? Get yourself a pair of proper beard scissors, a decent beard trimmer, a beard comb and some beard oil to help freshen up.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the beard is 100% dry. I’ve been there, you’ve just come out the shower, with the thought your beard is looking a bit out of place - this is a good time to trim it up. I’ve only made that mistake once.

Your hair when wet looks completely different in length to when it is dry, you can test it out but trust us on this one - don’t trim your beard when wet.

Now before we do anything give your beard a brush or comb down, right from the sides to your moustache. Try and get it all pointing in the same downwards direction as well as you can and separate any of the hairs that are clumped together.

Pick up the clippers and select the appropriate beard trimmer guard, if you are unsure - it’s always better to urge on the side of the bigger one. If you want to regularly trim it as your beard is growing out, just up the guard as you go. Then perform the trim right the way across the beard, make sure sure you go over it again - in case you missed any. Avoid the moustache, if you want to have a definitive edge here.

Now for trimming the lines.

Specifically, we are talking your cheek and necklines (not, and we repeat not your chin line that a lot of guys make a mistake with). Lower the guard to make for a fading aspect, if not just definite the edge appropriately.

The neckline line is two fingers above the adam’s apple and across into the lower cheek areas and the cheek line is the natural line that swoops in from the top of your ear into the moustache area.

Remember that whilst you are trimming that you properly stretch out the skin, that way when you are trimming it’s more evenly distributed (rather than the clumped together look with uneven areas around the beard).

When it comes to trimming up the moustache, make sure your comb them to either side and gently trim ones that are a bit long. Be careful here. Also, any hairs that slightly overhand your top lip want to be trimmed up as well. In all, go lightly when trimming your mustache.

Then be sure to give your beard one last look over - are there any flyaways that you might have missed? If so, give them the snip.

Now, of course, crack open your favourite beard oil and give it a splash to replenish and immediately treat the beard ends that have been cut as a result. This will help of course with the overall look of the beard too.

If this is your first, second or third time and hasn’t turned out quite how you like it - don’t beat yourself up about it - you’ll naturally get better over time and have the whole process down to a fine art and have your beard looking neatened up in no time.

Not happy with your beard?

Then get in touch and let us know.

Whether you feel that it is getting too wiry, scraggly and just getting a bit out of control - and perhaps even those dreaded thoughts of shaving it off might have passed your mind - just hold off.

Talk to us.


Just send us across an email with a list of the things you are struggling with (and it can be absolutely anything, choosing between a beard comb or a brush etc.) and we are going to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We’ve helped no end of beardsmen out with their beards and honestly we expect absolutely nothing in return - we just like helping a beardsman out.

So go ahead, get in touch and see if we can get you back on track (beards aren’t easy, but they are massively rewarding).

That said…

You can make bearded life much simpler.

See, we’ve gone out of way to put together beard care packages that basically have everything a beard could ever need in the way of styling, grooming and essentially what will end up like a freaking awesome beard.

The packages come in three different levels: the starter kit (which has all of the very basics for giving your beard the best possible start), the standard kit (which helps those who have grown out a decent beard but it has started to go off track - like exactly what we have talked about in this post) and then of course…

… the ultimate beard grooming kit (that offers everything your beard needs and much, much more - this is the kit for those who really want to go about and take their beard care to the next level). 

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