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How To Make A Light Beard Look Darker And Thicker

September 20, 2016 5 Comments

beard darkening

So you’re like me, stuck with the unfortunate genetics of having a lighter looking beard....

It’s not all doom and gloom, no matter the colour don’t be getting hasty hammering Google for the ‘Best Beard Colouring Products’, It will just look false and you’ll regret it.

Sure, you’re probably looking at other bearded guys thinking ‘Why doesn’t my beard look like that?’

Work with it!

Embrace you’re beard colour, if its light brown, blonde or even grey, I’ve got your beard and moustache worries covered. My beards a light shade of brown and I have my own beard maintenance tricks that help make it look darker.

Check out the best tricks on how to make your lighter beard look darker :

1.) Brush Your Beard Inwards

There’s a certain technique to brushing you’re beard that will make it appear darker, simply lift up the goatee part of your beard and lift it out the way using a bobble or hair clip. Using a wide toothed beard comb, comb the lower part of your beard inwards towards your neck so it appears almost straight rather than on an angle pointing outwards.

This will compress the hair follicles together locking out light that makes the beard look lighter. Then simply un-clip your goatee and do the same by brushing it inwards with the rest of your beard. Not only will this make your beard look darker, it will also make it look thicker.

2.) But Don’t Brush Excessively

Did you know bearded men lose 5 to 10 hairs on average when brushing or combing? If it’s twice a day you brush that’s a lot of wasted beard hair per week. If the aim is to make your beard appear darker and thicker then you don’t want to lose hair do you?

Pick your moments right and only brush when dry, never when wet, that will result in even more beard follicle loss. Once a day/twice a day max.

 3.) Grow your Head Hair

You’ve seen the guys with the long Hercules locks and thick beards, ever wondered why they look so epic? A good trick to making your beard appear darker is to grow your head hair to go with it thus creating a well balanced beard and hair style. Doing this will stop light from shining from behind your neck, your hair acting as a shield preventing light from reaching your side cheeks. This will work even if you have a blonde beard, making your beard a darker shade. 

4.) Apply Beard Oil On A Damp Beard

When you step out the shower, using a towel, gently pat the excess water off your beard. Apply the beard oil of your choice, making sure to concentrate on every hair follicle.

The beard oil and slight dampness together will act as a moister agent locking in thickness, providing your beard with solid natural colour. Dry your beard fully to appreciate the darker shade, either with the towel or a hair dryer on low heat.

 5.) Trim Your Split Ends

Now when I say trim your split ends I don’t mean go crazy doing an Edward Scissorhands impression. What part of your beard bleaches first? The split ends. The sun’s rays will dilute the ends of your beard follicles turning them lighter, and then what? You’ve got it.... It makes your beard look lighter.  

Slightly trim the ends no more than 3 to 4 Millimetres, just taking the lighter edges off.

6.) Wear Darker Clothes

When your beard gets long enough it’s more or less touching your chest and ultimately touching your clothes. What happens when you wear a white top? The light beams through the beard and gaps start to appear. To combat this, wearing darker clothes is a great idea, I normally stick with Blacks, Navy Blues, Claret or Brown etc.... I’m sure you get the picture. The darker it is beneath your beard the less light will radiant from it making your beard look darker.

7.) Don’t Give You’re Beard Too Much Sun

Now don’t take this too literally, don’t hide away from the light like a bat in winter. However, it’s worth understanding the more heat you give your beard the lighter it will become. Simple knowledge really, heat and sunshine cause bleaching of the hair and skin, were as heat makes the skin appear darker, it has the opposite effect on your hair. If you want a darker looking beard perhaps changing your destination at the travel agents is a good idea?

New to the beard game and want to make the best of your beard?

The best way to get a freaking awesome start to growing a beard.

Is to grab yourself one of our beard grooming kits. It comes in three distinct scents, although the clear bestseller is The Outlaw (and really it is not hard to work out why, once you’ve given it a whiff or two, or forty-three).

What comes with it are three care products that will completely take care of all your beard care needs, from making sure your beard is soft, looks awesome, feels great - and of course, have you smelling darn fine.

I hope these do the trick for you guys! 

If you have any other tips on how to make your beard darker, then please let us know in the comments below, would love to see what you guys suggest. 

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November 12, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Davis Bay
Davis Bay

April 09, 2020

I once knew a guy who – no word of a lie – got his wife to routinely blow wet farts on his upper lip and chin everytime she felt the urge (and provided they were in private obv.) He swore it darkened his beard at least two shades over time. “Occasionally she’d blow a real rancid one up the nostrils, so I started using pegs, but it was worth the sufferance”
I recommend this as a possible darkening option too, ya dig?

Max Sheehan
Max Sheehan

October 07, 2018

On number 7. you misspelled your with you’re. Just sayin. 😂


June 10, 2018

I spent the winter working at a ski area as a ski instructor, my facial hair changed color from the sun. My facial hair was black to start, and it was blond by the end of the winter


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