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How to Keep Beard Hairs from Sticking Out

May 21, 2018 4 Comments

beard hairs sticking out

Need some help taming stray beard hairs?

When it comes to keeping beard hairs from sticking out. 

We’ve got just the thing.

First though, realise you are definitely not alone.

It is often the case and completely natural for beard and moustache hairs to grow straight out and not down.

The art, of course, is trying to get them to lay flat. Not always an easy feat.

If you don’t (and I’ve been guilty of this during my early beard days) you might end up starting plucking at the stray beard hairs - and then, of course, you just end up with a great big patch in your beard and you’ve got to start all over again with a complete shave.

Not good at all.

That’s why today, we’re going to help you solve it.

And it’s actually, really, really simple.

We presume you’ve already got a beard oil and are using it everyday - which is  pretty much your staple beard product to keeping a good well maintained beard (if you haven’t then that’s absolutely your first point of call and you can pick up the best UK beard oils right here, hand brewed in Nottinghamshire) it naturally helps the beard hairs behave themselves a little better.

Next, we urge you to invest in a decent beard brush (preferably a boar bristle one) and start to gently tame the beard hairs down in the direction that you want them to lie. Essentially, you are starting to train the hairs to grow in a certain manner.

However, the main thing to do?

Is to treat yourself and your beard by picking up a tin of our beard styling balm (you will see that we often refer to it as a natural healthy version of a beard pomade too).

 As you can guess this is what is actually going to help you manage to keep your beard hairs from sticking out as much and give the look of a fuller, thicker and overall more impressive beard.

 We hand brew these with the finest natural ingredients we can source (and made in super small batches to ensure quality) with the specific focus of helping guys who are struggling with their unruly beards - letting them get to grips with it, allowing for more control and styling ability. 

Plus, it doesn’t just help with the flyaway beard hairs - it helps with the overall style and shape of the beard too.

The result?

Of course, is a darn good looking beard.   

How to use it?

 It’s incredibly simple.

Basically, we recommend applying it in the morning - so you’re beard is looking it’s best before you head out to work and is in shape - and a bit of a top up later that night if you plan on going out.

 To apply it

  • Crack open the lid (give the necessary whiff of one of three of our delicious scents: Dark Honey, Old Smoke and Rusky Love) - it’s worth matching the scent with the beard oil too.
  • Then using either your fingernail or a guitar plectrum will do the trick, scoop up about a thumb size piece (a little more if you have a bigger beard), a little less if it is just over 2 inch thick. If it’s too tough, just warm it up a little more - 5 minutes in your trouser pocket should do the trick.
  • Work it between your palms. The solid bit should be basically liquid, emulsified on your hands.
  • Then gently massage right through the beard. This gives an even look with the additional texture and natural matted type effect for your beard. Plus, your stimulating the blood flow to your beard too.

 Once it is well distributed throughout your facial hairs, look to target the flyaways - that typically occur from the beard. And simply with your fingers, stroke them inwards towards the other beard hairs - and due to the strength of the balm, they should come rather easily.

Optional extra: go over it once more with a comb or beard brush to help give the beard a little more structure.

We’ve gone out of way to make the design (not only looking good) it’s actually rather practical too. Although it offers incredible hold - there are going to be times when your beard just falls out of place - whether it be a gust of wind or you just want to get on that trampoline you’ve had your eye on (ok, maybe that’s just me).

That’s why we’ve produced in easy-to-carry-with-you-wherever-you-go slider tins. Simply slide it into your pocket and it will have heated up just enough to make it easily pliable that you can work straight into your beard - and touch it up when and where you deem necessary.

New to bearding?

First off, great call and don’t worry - everyone has a hard time with their beards at the start - but the main thing is just to have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. However, if you do want to give yourself a good head start and fulfill your bearded potential with a softer (more comfortable), healthier and all-round better looking beard - then we’ve got to recommend you check out our beard grooming kits. 

We’ve designed this specifically to care of all your beardy needs. An oil that works to soften up and compliment the natural oils that reside on your skin (this prevents a bunch of nasty happenings occurring with your beard e.g. beard dandruff and shedding). A multi beard balm that performs like a beard moisturiser to reinvigorate your beard through the day (and diminish the dreaded beard itch) as well as offering you some style and hold ability. Then finally a moustache wax, that gives the definitive edge to your overall beard-style.

And like always if you have any beard problems, need some maintenance advice or just want to have a general natter - you can always hit us up here. Do let us know if your beard hairs keep sticking out. 

4 Responses


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December 22, 2020

For me, it’s the back of the jaw line. Always goes wild, I’ve tried oils, balms, heated brush (even ‘stash wax) to try and tame it. Nothing. I end up bailing on it every time, trimming down, and then heading to the barber for a proper job. I just wish it would grow down!


May 17, 2020

I have a full short beard and mustache. The beard is a bit curly but that doesn’t bother me. The mustache, on the other hand, is a problem: the hairs keep curling up into my nose. How do I stop that without thinning out my mustache?

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