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How to Grow Facial Hair (5 Easy Tips)

October 23, 2018

How to Grow Facial Hair

Are you looking for advice on how to grow facial hair?

When it comes to growing out some facial hair.

We like to think we know a thing or two.

That’s why it pains us sometimes to be the bearer of bad news - especially for guys as to why they aren’t managing to grow out as much facial hair as they want to be.

However, we are going to give it.

See, here’s the thing. Most of your beard growing ability comes down to two things.

i) Your genetics.

ii) Your age.

So if you haven’t even hit your 20s yet, don’t sweat it. If you have, and you have given your beard a few months to grow and haven’t got much to show.

There are still things you can potentially carry out to help improve the state of your facial hair further.

And that’s what we are going to go through now.

That said, please don’t get any grand expectations and hope that - if you carry out all seven of these facial hair growing tips that you will suddenly be spouting a great big bushy beard.

On the other hand, though, it should dramatically improve your beard game.

Maintain a Good Skin Care Regime (or Actually Start One)

This is something that as you start to grow your beard gets ultimately neglected.

Which is a big, big mistake.

Sort of understandable, given that it gets a bit more difficult, the bigger your beard gets. 

However, it’s something that is going to cost you - if you don’t. Ensuring that you regularly exfoliate dead skin as well as provide moisture to your face will your beard to be freed from any potential blockages as well as make the time of growing a beard a whole lot easier too - since you won’t have too many issues with the itchy beard phase. 

When it comes to it.

Practice a motion of using exfoliator and moisturizer on the tips of your fingers and getting past the facial hair right to the very base of your beard.

Sort Out Your Diet (Aiming for Vitamins & Proteins)

What you eat has a big impact on your ability to grow your beard. It could be the difference between a scrawny literally malnourished beard compared to a great big strong plumptious one.

This is the reason why the beard supplements market with specialized beard vitamins is so large. They give you exactly what your body needs to grow out a proper beard.

Now, do you actually really need beard supplements? No.

And you can see that we have gone into it, in quite some detail before - and ultimately what we think is that you need to try and it get it all naturally.

And by that we mean.

You can get it all naturally with a good healthy diet.

If you’re not getting that with the food you are eating, that’s maybe when we would advise you to opt for the vitamins.

Actively try to stimulate your beard (externally)

You can actually increase the amount of blood flow to your face, resulting in potentially increased facial hair growth.

In the same way, people massage their scalps to increase hair growth.

It draws blood that is carrying the necessary proteins and nutrition to grow hair faster.

To massage your beard either just get your greasy mitts and start massaging your face and when you start to have a bit of scruff, you can opt for a beard brush to help you out. Killing two birds with one stone, by giving you a tidier looking beard too.

Check in on your testosterone levels

Your ability to grow a beard is somewhat related to your testosterone levels.

So if you are serious about growing a beard, then you need to take your health seriously (which you should be anyway).

And to be fair, it’s just the same old advice really - like we have already mentioned with your diet and eating the right foods. Sure you can testosterone supplements - but we’d advise you to go the natural way.

Exercise, lift weights. De-stress, meditate (fights cortisol that suppresses testosterone). Get enough sleep.

We get it.

There’s nothing new here, that you haven’t heard a hundred and one times already.

But it’s important.

Make regular use of beard grooming products (especially beard oil)

I’m surprised it has taken us this long to get around to it.

Now, although it won’t actively grow your beard.

And please don’t think of it as some miracle beard potion.

It’s certainly not a beard cure that will turn you from having a little bit of a patchy beard to a full on one. What it will do is work to provide the perfect conditions for your beard to thrive.

Top of the range of oils, such as ours, are concocted in a special manner containing an array of carrier and essential oils that will help give your beard the best possible chance for not just to survive but allowing it to thrive.

They are designed to work specifically with the natural oils on your face (sebum) to help give your facial hair the best possible chance.

So if you have tried all that.

Fortunately, there are still options out there.

From beard cosmetics to beard transplants (not something we particularly advise, but we wanted to make sure you are aware of some of the options you have available to you.

You got any more questions on how to grow facial hair?

  • Like will my facial hair come in eventually?
  • What type of beard product should I be using?
  • How can I ensure I give my beard the best chance of growing?

Then shoot us across a message in the contact form. We are always more than happy to help a fellow prospective bearded chap out. Even if you already have a beard or want it for someone else, again make sure you send us across a message.

Right here in the contact page.

And we will be getting back to you as soon as possible. Let us know also how growing facial hair is going for you.

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