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How to Get Over the Itchy Beard Phase: Simple Plan

April 30, 2019 1 Comment

How to Get Over the Itchy Beard Phase: Simple Plan

When it comes to the itchy beard phase.

This can often be the make or break of a beard.

You can either push through the dreaded itch or you give in and shave it off.

This is why, we’ve wrote this post today.

To help those guys who really suffer and how we can go about easing the issue.

But, first.

We need to understand why you are getting the itchy in the first place - before we can start addressing the issue.

How Does an Itchy Beard Phase Develop?

When you save your beard.

Whether that be with a razor or a beard trimmer.

You are cutting the hairs at such an angle that they become sharp and jagged (where as if you left them be , they become smooth - but more on that later).

Now, they won’t bother you at first - as they are too short.

However, as they start to grow a bit.

Say, after two to three weeks - typically when an itchy beard phase starts to occur - that’s when the hairs are just long enough to dig into your skin.

But because they are so short.

They jag straight into the skin as they are rigid.

Causing skin irritation.

Now, guys who are in this phase - start to assume that it is naturally the beard that is causing the itch.

And of course, in a sense they are correct.

However, what they don’t often realise is that - leaving the beard to grow out for a couple more weeks.

The hair starts to get longer and in turn more flexible.

So they aren’t digging into your skin.

Thereby passing the itchy beard phase.

Now of course, this is all well and good. Knowing that eventually the itchy beard phase eases up somewhat.


How Do You Fix the Itch?

Now, we aren’t saying that this will completely remve the itch.

However, it will certainly help.


Invest in some top quality beard oil.

Funny enough, we have a batch of the stuff that you can explore right here.

And apply it regularly - on a twice daily basis.

Once in a morning and once at night. Even if you are bald faced and planning on growing a beard - starting early will help dampen the impact of the itch.

It helps to moisturise the beard, leaving your skin less dry.

Meaning the itchy won’t be as intensified.

Plus, it helps to coat the beard hairs too, ensuring they are smoother.

You will see a whole range of different scents - so just choose the one that sounds most appealing to you.

However, in terms of functionality - they will all help you do the same job effectively.

If you are trying to grow out the beard during the summer months - make sure you apply a bit more than usual - as your face has a tendency to dry out quicker as well as during the winter months too.

Plus, make sure you are geting a proper beard diet and are well hydrated.

As always gentleman.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding your beard or have any questions that you want answering regarding any of our products.

Then - please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’re more than happy to help a fellow beardsmen or prospective beardsmen as best as we can.

And always - happy bearding!

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