How to Fix Your Patchy Beard

September 05, 2018

How to Fix Your Patchy Beard

Now before we go ahead and breakdown the exact steps on how we think your patchy beard can be improved.

We just wanted to get one thing clear.

A patchy beard is nothing to be ashamed of and should be instead embraced.

Chances your patchy beard can still look the part, you just might have not given it the attention it deserves - you don’t always need to have a 1 foot beard to be considered a “real beardsmen”.

Look in the way of Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp if you are having difficulty believing us. Patchy beards being rocked by those two.

I guess the message we are trying to get across is this:

Part of being a legendary beardsman is owning what you’ve got, being comfortable and confident no matter what. Ultimately, it doesn’t say anything about you, if you’re just not genetically inclined to have a great big bushy beard, just work with what you indeed have got and make the most of it.

Which is ultimately what this exact post is going to be about. It’s not about making your patchy beard thick and bushy because without the aid of some sort of beard transplant or rogaine (both things we highly, highly recommend avoiding as there is no need), we’re going to offer advice on how to fix it up to make a patchy beard look decent.

Number One - Just Let Your Beard Fully Grow Out

See, this is the thing:

What most guys think is a patchy beard.

Actually turns out give it another month or two is a perfectly good beard. The trouble is they are brand new to the beard game and are expecting a full on beard within 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

The average time it takes to grow a beard is reported at 67 days apparently. We think it should be closer to 90 days and more if you think you’re struggling. You’ve just not given the sufficient time for the beard to grow out. Remember that different hairs on your face are growing at different rates.

Like we say above.

It’s best you just give it that time of 3 months or so, you’ll start to get a good idea which is growing and which isn’t but if it is still looking patchy then you can consider the following steps if you aren’t happy with how it looks.

Till then, we reckon you might just surprise yourself on just how well the beard comes together given the appropriate length of time for it to grow and fill in.

Number Two - Make Sure You Actually Style and Shape Up Your Beard

This is where ultimately, people get there wires crossed a little we feel.

They are getting a patchy beard and a scruffy out of shape place beard mixed up. You could have a full on dense beard but if it isn’t tidy, it just ain’t going to look good.

Just because you have a few patches here and there - doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking care of it. Pay attention to distinct fly away beard hairs, make sure the beard neckline is good and so on. Brush it and comb it, if you need to - in order to bring a bit of order (we recommend brushing it in this instance as it will help with stimulating growth and distributing the natural oils i.e sebum across the shaft hairs of your beard.

Number Three - Apply Beard Oil (Daily, Perhaps Even Twice)

This is something we are huge advocates of - we believe it is ultimately the most necessary beard product any guy sporting even just ‘some’ facial hairs can get his hands on.

That’s why we invested a bunch of time try to perfect our recipe - and ultimately what we think could well be the best beard oil on the market.

Ultimately, though what a beard oil does is not only keep your beard feeling comfortable and easier to maintain but it provides the perfect growing environment for your beard to thrive. Plus, through a massaging motion with the oil you can potentially stimulate extra growth.

Number Four - Visit a Local Beard Barber

Although you will have done the primary work by shaping out the lines.

A beard barber will be able to make the most of what they can with your facial hair. They will even it out, blend it out into a style that not only works with what beard hair you can produce but also what’s your face shape, the hair style you are sporting and so on.

They are about getting things in proportion and helping you look sharp. That’s why we recommend you get a good bout of facial hair, so basically you can see what you have to play with.

Make sure you get a understanding of what they are offering as well.

We made a handy checklist of things to ask them to guide you through the beard trimming process smoothly.

Number Five -  Use Other Beard Products

Once you have a bit more facial hair to play with.

Start to explore other options.

Whether that is a styling balm to help to get more control of stray hairs that won’t stay flat and ultimately make for a neater looking beard.

A beard moisturiser to help with the overall conditioning of the beard and keeping not just your beard feeling soft but your face too.

Basically, there are a lot of products out there, designed to help you out with your patchiness. I mean if you are really conscious you could even consider beard cosmetic products like beard pencils, beard fillers and so on. Not or cup of tea personally, but hey if it makes you feel better about your facial hair - go for it.

There are a few extra tricks on making your beard appear fuller that we go into more detail here on making beards look fuller and dark.

Still not happy?

I guess if you have tried all this.

And if you’re still not happy with the patchy beard and how it looks. Try out some of the beard tactics we use here to give the look of a thicker beard.

Then I guess you can call time on it and opt for at least regular stubble rather than going completely shaven. Nothing wrong with that in our book.

Hey man, whatever makes you happy. Keep rocking it.

Want to talk one on one about your beard?

Then literally all you have to do is get in touch with us right here.

We totally get it, you darn right love your beard.

And you sure as hell should as well.

Ultimately, you want what’s best for it - whether that is looking fuller, thicker and more glorious - as well as remaining healthy, easy to groom, maintain and look after and in all, just be a darn right better beard.

That’s exactly, what we hope we can achieve with you.

All you gotta do is tell us a bit about yourself, where you are at with your beard, what are you doing grooming wise, what are your bearded goals and so on. Then hopefully we can offer you that little bit of extra advice to help you on your way.

And at the end of the day, least it is something cool to talk about.

The summary on how to quickly sort out a patchy beard.

Now you have got the lowdown on how to tackle a patchy beard.

Here’s all the goods we referred to in one neat beard package.

We basically wanted to create a set of beard goods that take care of pretty much every aspect of your beard - from making sure it is provided with the right vitamins, proteins etc. as well as natural oils to help make it grow and be the best it can be.

You are provided with a beard oil to provide the deep conditioning and hydration your beard needs for beard hair to prosper, a beard moisturising balm to keep it well maintained and easy to look after throughout the day and finally a moustache wax to help bring out the best in your beard.

Ultimately though, it’s about rocking what you’ve got and making the most of it.

Keep on beardin’ fellas!

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