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How to Clean Up a Scruffy Beard (8 Steps)

June 25, 2018

Clean Up a Scruffy Beard

Looking to clean up a scruffy beard?

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

It happens to even the most experienced beardsmen.

Sometimes you wake up out of bed and you’re just having one of them days.

A bad beard day.

It looks scruffy as hell and almost no matter what you seem to do with it, it still looks like s***. Be rest assured, we’ve all been there.

There are some things you can do to help out the situation though.

We’ve come up with 8 actionable things you can do right now to turn that ‘bad’ scruffy beard day into one that’s at least a little better.

Apply beard oil on a regular basis (pretty much daily)

This should go without saying.

However, if your beard is looking a little on dreary side and you aren’t using beard oil pretty much every day.

This would absolutely be our recommendation for your first point of call.

(Luckily for you, we produce a rather fine collection of beard oils ourselves - that we hand produce - and are ready to ship out to you and your beard).

There is a whole host of benefits for your beard - it helps it grow healthier, become more manageable, look better and so on - the list goes on.

Just know that this is definitely something all beardsmen should be sticking to as the bare minimum for their beard.

Get yourself down the barbers (and ask them to style up your beard).

If it is truly looking scraggly and you don’t think you have the skills to properly style it up.

We recommend you head down to a local trusted beard barber to help you out.

Ask for a beard style that suits your face and the actual beard you’ve got to work with. Then once they have styled up something you like, try and go over the same outlines they have structured - and the more confidence you will have in styling and shaping up your own beard in the future.

Start regularly combing and brushing your beard.

This is an easy one to fixing up your beard if you aren’t already combing and brushing out your beard.

It’s great if you are regularly using beard balm and beard oil to keep your beard in great condition - however that’s just one half of the equation.

Tidying and neatening it up with a beard comb once or twice a day is what will get everything nicely in place.

Employ some beard hacks to make the most out of your beard.

We go into more detail here:

On making a beard looking thicker and darker.

However, it’s basically about using whatever is at your disposal to ensure your beard is looking its best - and that goes down to the types of clothes (and colours) you wear, to how you have combed your beard and so on.

Make use of beard styling products.

A great and quick way of cleaning up your beard is to tame the scraggle.

What I mean by this is to get a handle on the pesky beard hairs that are flying out all over the place.

In particular, make use of a product that is proving massively popular with our loyal beard customers at the moment:

Beard styling pomade.

Freaking great for those with longer and unruly beards.

Protect your beard from getting dry and scraggly

A lot of guys aren’t affording the right kind of protection to their beards.

On the other hand, we don’t want you to mollycoddle them either.

The rule we do have though:

Is don’t apply too much heat to them. Whether that be in the shower or with a hairdryer.

Ensure a proper beard cleaning routine

The case seems to be either guys aren’t cleaning their beards at all or are cleaning them way too much.

Ideally, you want to be doing it roughly once or twice a week (of course, unless it is getting messy every day with a manual labour job).

Then you want to be washing it with a good natural shampoo product and that you thoroughly rinse it and follow it up with a beard oil to replenish the lost moisture that naturally resides in your beard (i.e sebum).

Give your skin the moisture it deserves

This is one aspect that so many guys with beards just seem to give up with after they have grown a beard.

And to be fair they can be somewhat forgiven.

They either think beard oil is doing the work (which arguably it is to some extent) or basically there is just too much beard in the way to be effective (and to be fair it is hard to get too).

However, your beard still needs moisture and looking after - so I’m afraid it is a case of either investing in a clarisonic or using it on the tips of your fingers and working your way past the beard.

One quick way to solve a scruffy unkempt beard

The best investment you can make for your beard to ‘clean it up’ a little and maintain it for the future.

Is to get hold of one of these beard sets.

They come packed with three vital beard styling and grooming products that will have your beard looking better than ever.

You can learn more about them with the Outlaw grooming kit (a bay rum infused range of beard goodies, that your beard will more than thank you for).

Need any beard advice or just want general beard chit chat

If you are having any problems with your beard - whether it is getting a little out of control, you’re suffering with a ‘bout’ of beard curl, you’re getting split ends, it’s shedding and you don’t what to do - or simply put, you just want a beard.

Then please do get in touch.

Right here on the contact form.

We make sure to reply to every beardsmen out there to give them or professional beard advice on where to take it next, what we recommend you do and are with you every step of the way.

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