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How long does a beard take to grow?

September 29, 2019

How long does a beard take to grow?

For many men, the art of growing a beard is something they cannot wait to try out. Growing a beard is often seen as a truly manly thing to do; the kind of finishing touch that every guy *should* have. However, the problem is that we all know people who are at either end of the spectrum. 

We all have mates who will grow a beard, and it takes them the best part of the year to grow a few whiskers. Others have a shave in the morning and have a full set of stubble by dinner-time. Beards grow faster and shorter on some guys than others – it’s just the way it is. With that in mind, answering the question “how long does a beard take to grow?” can be quite tough. There is no defined – only standards.

What is the standard rate of time to grow a beard?

For an average guy, the answer to how long a beard takes to grow will be anything from two to six months. However, as we have mentioned above, not everyone plays by those rules. Months could pass and you will have nothing really in terms of volume if you are unlucky. If you are lucky, you could have a full beard within days of shaving your old one off. So, what does it actually come down? What matters when it comes to determining the rate of growth:

  •     Your genetics. Sadly, not much you can do about that one. Unless you find out how to recreate and rebuild human genetics mid-life!
  •     Your testosterone. While that can be boosted, men with naturally low testosterone levels need to be careful about what they do.
  •     Your lifestyle. That can be changed – and often drastically – to help improve the rate and the quality of the beard that comes in.

There are numerous other factors that can come into it, but everyone essentially has a ‘genetic time’ for their hair and beard growth. On average, you could see around one half an inch per month in growth. Therefore, depending on the length of beard that you wish to grow, it could take you weeks, months, even years, to get what you are searching for.

Therefore, you should not have any pre-set expectation about the length of time it takes the beard that you want to grow. There are simply too many things to factor in

How can I help to make my beard grow faster?

  •     Start eating better. The foods that you are missing out on are entirely diet dependent, but you want to try and change your diet to become far more holistic. Try and boost your intake of foods with protein, selenium, saturated fat, and boronif you wish to better results.
  •     Get more exercise. Make sure you start exercising on a more regular basis, too. Exercise allows our bodies to become stronger, reducing the stress on our bodies immune system and physical bearing. Hair is of secondary importance to the body, so it needs to have less stress to ensure that you can see faster hair growth. As such, exercise more to make a stronger body.
  •     Sleep better. Stop staying up so late and sleeping so little. Our bodies recover and rejuvenate the most during sleep, so getting more sleep stands to reason as an obvious and effective way to make sure you can get more hair. Give your body the best chance to regenerate and rebuild your beard by sleeping as much as you should.
  •     Manage your grooming. Become more grooming conscious and you will start to see some improvements. Many of us don’t use enough good beard oils, waxes, shampoos and the like. Make sure you start giving your beard the nutrients that it needs through beard-friendly grooming products: they will naturally encourage growth by feeding your beard what it needs.

Can I make my beard grow faster artificially?

The main thing that you should be looking to do is live a happier, healthier life. Reduce stress levels, and your body will contribute more of its resources to beard growth. Our bodies aren’t as vain as our egos are, so our body will happily stop contributing to hair growth and beard growth if it feels like we have more pressing matters.

Therefore, by eating, living, exercising, and sleeping better, you should see your beard become fuller as a result. While nothing can trump genetics, taking into account all of the above should help. It might not give you a beard beyond you’re hips, but it might give you one that can actually stand out! 

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