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Growing a Beard for the First Time: 5 Things to Know

August 03, 2018

Growing a Beard for the First Time

Growing a beard for the first time is something we’ve ALL been through, even the most experienced of beardsmen will have been beginners at some stage.

And although literally all you’ve got to do is the following two steps:

  1. Put down your shaver.
  2. Wait it out.

Growing a good beard? It just ain’t that easy, that’s why we wanted to create this post - to help you out with the growing period.

Understand the beard growth process (and phases)

The first thing to realise is that beards come over a process of months not weeks. 

The average claimed time to grow a beard is 67 days, in our book though it is probably a bit longer - everyone and their beards are different though.

What you should get to grips with though is the various stages and try to get a feeling of what to expect. A two week beard, for instance, is going to be facing a whole different range of beard issues compared to that of one that is two months down the line and so on.

Get to know what stage you are at with your beard - can avoid misconstrued frustration.

Your bathroom mirror is your worst enemy


Don’t get into the habit of checking your beard for growth all the time.

It’s almost like the same unhealthy obsession when people who are trying to lose weight, keep going up to the scales two times a day - and unhappy when they haven’t dropped a pound.

Just don’t do it.

Don’t judge what your beard is up to either, bits are going to come out uneven, in the early stages you are going to get patchy beard parts - it’s just how it goes.

In the initial months, don’t worry about it. Get a picture of a beard that inspires you and use that as a reference point.

Expect to run into some beardy issues

As we have touched on briefly already.

You are going to run into some beard problems that really over the long run, aren’t really problems at all and most can be solved in the following step.

What we just want to make you aware of though in the world of beards - especially for those who are new to the game - there is rarely ever a smooth sailing ride to an awesome looking beard.

If it isn't bearded itchiness that has got to you, it could be an issue of beard burn with your partner, the shape and style of the beard isn’t right and so on.

Don’t worry though, there are multiple solutions for a whole range of issues.

And if you’re struggling - you can always turn to us - we’re here to help you out.

Learn about beard products and how to use them to your advantage

We recommend that you take a browse through our store if you’re really new to the beard game.

Different products will solve different issues with your beard and can be used in a variety of grooming routines.

What we would recommend though.

Whether you are literally just deciding to grow a beard and you are 1 day in or whether you are master bearded veteran - every beardsman must get a beard oil to use.

They are a specially formulated cocktail (of you guessed it) oils that will work to bring out the very best in your beard and maintain future beard growth.

However, know that all oils aren’t built the same.

And you should do a bit of research before making the investment - however, if you are short and time and want to make a good investment right from the bat.

Take a look at our homemade beard oils with specially formulated ingredients (that smell freaking epic).

Simply enjoy having a beard

All the above, all seems rather serious, doesn’t it?

When really, owning a beard should just be about having a bit of fun. Something that you feel adds to your life, gives you a distinguished feature that just sort of ‘feels right’.

It’s about experimenting with it, trying out various styles, using different products and really working it into your overall look - and it should be something to be proud of (cause hey, a lot of work goes into a good looking beard, even if you’ve got Zeus like beard genetics).

Ultimately, though the feeling of owning a beard is difficult to describe.

It’s more that it would feel wrong as a man, not to have one.

What are you struggling with your beard right now?

Cause we want to know about it.

If you are a beginner growing a beard, unfortunately it is not as simple as just putting down the razor and waiting for your beard to grow out.

Well, technically… it is.

In reality though, if you want to grow a decent beard (unless you have been blessed with the beard genetics of Zeus) you’re naturally just going to run into problems.

And that’s 100% fine!

Hell, we ran into all kinds of problems growing out our beards. Worried about patchiness, itchiness, dry skin - you name it - we’ve probably dealt with it (and that’s part and parcel why the Robin Hood Beard Co. was set up, to help those guys who are beginners of bearding).

So literally…

If you have ANY beardy questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’ve got your back!

Drop a message and you can expect one back from us soon.

Set you and your beard up with a great little investment…

Give your beard the best possible head start.

With this little arrangement that we’ve set out.

Not only will it allow you to save some cash (compared to when you have to buy everything separately) - it will also save you the headache of having to figure out exactly which product you should be getting, why and so on.

We’ve taken all the trouble away for you.

And what you’re left with - is an assortment of kits that will help your beard through every stage of the beard growth process (especially in the early stages).

If you are growing a beard for the first time, let us know how it is going and get in touch if you are running into any issues. 

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