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5 tricks to grow a beard

August 02, 2016

tricks to grow a beard

So many men go through stages when deciding to go for it, C'mon....Lets grow a beard. I'm bored of shaving, bored of looking the same, day in... day out, i desperately need a new image. A moment of powerful thought prompts you to start your beard journey, the same thoughts that you were thinking when you saw the guy with the 'Awesome' beard and went.... That could be me. 

Unfortunately for some, not all beard journeys end prosperous...

Problems get in the way, patience goes out the window, thoughts like, 'Its not growing quick enough' or 'At this rate I'm gonna look ridiculous', seeing patchy bits that aren't  fully grown looking like you've Alopecia to the chin. Sounds fun right? We've all been there at some point or the other, debating, getting frustrated and losing the will to the shaver!

Ask any bearded guy and they'll most likely tell you the same thing.......

1.) Patience 

2.) Genetics 

3.) Forget about it, let it grow

Sounds easy right? Apart from the genetics part, now that part you cant help, if your father was hairless and his father was before that then chances are, your going to find growing a beard particularly struggling, unless someone invents miracle male hormone growth or your mum had better facial hair! 

Going from experience, there's a few vital bits that helped in my beard journey, and trust me...... There not to be taken lightly!

All the newly anxious beard growers out there, here's some tips that will help you with the start of your beard growing process....

Tip 1 - Get a picture of your beard idol and stick him on your wall

Everyone admires other guys beards whether we try to or not, its just how it works. You need an aim, a target, and what better place to find that from if not a beard idol. For me, it was Tom Hardy's mammoth beard that prompted me to start my beard journey, i always thought, that's what a beard should look like. Others were Gerrard Butler's from 300 and the model Chris Millington's beard. Being envious is your friend, trust me on this. 

Get a beard idol and don't stop until you look similar!

Tip 2 - Ease the itch

The itch, now this is the part that most struggle with the most. When your clean shaven, your face soaks up all that fresh air, all the breeze of the seasons to keep it cool. When you start growing a beard and get to 2 to 3 weeks you start to feel the itch bad! Your neglecting your face of the air it needs to keep cool and newly grown hair follicles start to tangle and matt brushing back towards your skin that makes it itch, THIS WILL SUBSIDE!

I found a great way to combat this, if you cant get natural air to your face then force the cold to it. I found cold water to be a merciful ally, splash your face and massage the cold water around your face and under your chin, it helps with the itch flair up, and don't go too hot with the shower! 

Tip 3 - Past and Present 

Why did you decide to grow your beard? You must know the answer to this one. To be different, to appeal more manly to the ladies, to change who you were a year ago. Remember this...

Look at photos of your before a beard, especially on the days the growth is appearing too much to handle. See who you were before, how ordinary you were before. Compare it with newly taken selfies of your beard, you'll notice how awesome you're beginning to look! Every week take a new selfie, look back at the old you and embrace the new!

Tip 4 - Remember.... Anyone who's dissing your beard growth is just jealous

Have you ever noticed that the entire amount of people who decide to diss your beard growing skills don't actually have a beard themselves? It's coincidental right? You've never been more wrong! Both men and woman have there reasons for their negative opinions of your beard growth. Men quite simply want to be you underneath and admire your perseverance and dedication, knowing they couldn't attempt it themselves. Women on the other hand wish their partners or husbands would have a go at it themselves.

Either way....... Continue doing what your doing and make yourself proud!

Tip 5 - Schedule a beard anniversary every 2 weeks

Like anything in life, to do something unique takes time and dedication, like quitting smoking for instance, set yourself an anniversary every 2 weeks that you've been growing your beard, feel proud and mark it off the calendar like you've achieved a new objective every time you go 2 weeks longer. Trust me, the feeling of self satisfaction will ooze within, weeks will turn into months and next you'll be having your 6 month beard anniversary! Reap the beard glory!

There you have it my new found beard growers, listen to the ones who've achieved it, aspired to beard greatness and fulfilled what they intended to do. These tricks will help you on your beard journey, be original, be unique and most importantly, be a better version of yourself. 

Bonus Tip:

Invest in a decent beard grooming kit (just like these ones), and cover everything your beard will need to keep it growing to its full potential. This beard care set comes with three ideal beard care products for those setting out on their bearded journey.

Firstly, a naturally scented beard oil. This should be regarded as pretty much a ‘must’ and should be applied at least once a day to see the main benefits (i.e a better looking, better feeling and all-round healthier looking beard) - plus it makes your facial hair smell epic.

You are then provided with a beard moisturiser.

Good luck beardos! May patience be with you!

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