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Does Beard Oil Really Work?

July 09, 2018

does beard oil work

Are you wondering - does beard oil work?

When guys hear about beard oil for the first time, they seem to jump to the presumption that it will help with beard growth…

… well it does.

Just perhaps not in the sense that guys new to the beard game think it will.

What it won’t do is help your beard grow faster (at least to any significant degree anyhow), what it will do though (along with proper beard grooming and maintenance) will have your beard result in fuller, thicker and more luscious looking beard.

Basically we like to consider it as a key to unlocking your beard potential.

But just to repeat… a beard oil won’t solve a patchy beard, it won’t suddenly have you spouting a Gandalf like beard, it won’t speed up the process and won’t have you growing out hairs that hairs just don’t grow out of.

So where does it really work?

Well if you start applying beard oil right from the off (like we recommend) then the first obstacle it will help you bypass: the itchy beard phase. It will be helping to dampen the dreaded beard itch that comes with growth around the 3 to 4 week stage by injecting hydration not just into your beard hair shafts but also your skin too.

With continued use (pretty much using beard oil twice a day), you will find that you prevent any future ‘itchy’ issues too (which usually comes from dry skin and brittle hairs - beard oil solves both).

Where it actually gets to work

Basically, the ingredients are carefully selected between a blend of carrier oils and essential oils to make for the ‘healthy’ growth habitat.

So essentially, beard oil does indeed help with your beard growth.

Not more, just better.

Most top quality beard oils will supply everything your beard needs from vitamin E to a range of other necessary vitamins and proteins to help keep your beard hair moisturised and grow at the optimal rate.

When applying…

There’s an opportune time.

Right after you have had a warm shower (not too hot mind), when your skin pores are most exposed (this will help with better absorption) - try to be somewhat dry though before applying.

Perform a massaging motion.

This is important.

It can help encourage and stimulate growth, not to mention it feels freaking great and relaxing. You will see that you are actually performing a somewhat exfoliating motion too, which again can help faciliate with even further growth.


Another means by how beard oil works is what ‘you’ don’t end up running into.

Compare a guy who uses beard oil daily from day one to a guy who hasn’t.

The guy using it regularly won’t know half the problems a beard can actually cause - as the beard oil has been helping him out.

For instance, he won’t have much of an itchy and scraggly looking beard to contend with. Unlikely to run into many beard dandruff issues nor any more problems with breakages and split ends occurring.

Literally, all can be prevented by regularly applying beard oil and regular brushing and combing their beard.

So Does it Actually Do the Job?

If you are expecting to apply a bit of beard oil here and there, then suddenly after 30 days - you’re expecting a full on beard.

Beard oil certainly does not work - at least that way.

If however, you want to aid your beard to reach its full potential (in terms of health, looks and appear fuller, darker and thicker) and steer clear of it being riddled with a range of beardy issues.

Then beard oil (used the right way) most certainly work.

Do you REALLY need beard oil?

Of course not.

Does it REALLY help?

You bet!

Have you got any other questions, concerns or just want to know more about being bearded?

We love bearded chats.

Literally, let us know anything - whether there is anything you are struggling with, would you like to know more about a particular product (e.g. can’t decide whether to go for a beard oil or a moisturiser balm), have you got any suggestions that we can take on board?

Also, any beard events that you have been to, what’s going on at your local beard club - we’d love to get involved. Hit us up - and you can do that right here at the ‘send a message to RHBC’ page and we get back to you pronto.

Believe it or not, real bearded fellas run the operation behind this site. Talk to us.

There are other products out there too.

See, there’s a lot of beard products out there and honestly, there’s no wonder it can get quite confusing. A beard balm that’s also known as a beard pomade, a multi balm also known as an outright beard moisturiser.

Heck, we don’t blame you - we’re in the beard game and it’s hard to keep up with all the different terms beard companies and coming up with.

And that’s why we wanted to make a beard care set, that was incredibly simple. That did a few things: i) saves you money, ii) ensures your beard is getting everything it needs to not just survive but thrive and finally (and most importantly) we wanted something that get iii) straight to the point.

This gives you exactly what you and your beard needs, no matter what process you are in the beard growing game. Great for beginners as it sets you on your path to some great beard game, yet again it is awesome for those who have a decent beard as well and know a thing or two about the beard grooming game - and offers you everything your man mane needs to keep it in the best possible condition.

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