Coconut Oil for Your Beard: 5 Awesome Benefits

Coconut Oil for Your Beard: 5 Awesome Benefits

Put it this way.

There is no doubt about it you will have heard through all the current trends just how good coconut oil is for you for a whole range of different factors.

The thing is.

Coconut oil really does a freaking great job for your beard.

That’s why we use it as one of the main carrier oils not just in our entire beard oil range,  but in pretty much all our beard products because it is just freaking epic for your beard and skin.

That’s why in today’s post we thought we would run through five of the major benefits coconut oil has for your beard and why it’s important to incorporate it into your beard grooming routine.

Firstly though, let’s quickly run through what coconut oil is exactly?

It can be basically but boiled down to two main categories.

Refined coconut oil which is chemically extracted or physically or you can get virgin coconut oil which is basically raw right from out of the coconut extraction either by cold pressing. Plus, you will find lauric acid that is one of the fatty acids which is particularly useful as you will see in a second.

So what are the main benefits of coconut oil for beards and why do we praise it so much?

It helps achieve a natural balance of moisture on your face

One particular study has shown that coconut oil is able to “deeply penetrate” into the air whereas oils such as mineral oil can’t as effectively. In turn, this means that it could prevent what is known hygral fatigue, where there is basically too much moisture and could lead to potential swelling.

Protects against protein loss and ultimately your beard hair getting shredded

As coconut oil boasts naturally high levels of lauric acid it allows coconut oil as we have previously mentioned to perform a deep penetration of the hair shaft (which is helped further by massaging the oil into your face). This helps your beard hairs stay stronger and healthier for longer.

Helps relieve dry skin acting as a natural skin Moisturiser

You will also see coconut oil is commonly used a skin moisturiser given its flexibility (you could potentially use it as a full body moisturiser) but it’s ideal for the face whether you use it during the day or night. It works particularly well ot keep your skin fresh and hydrated. However, due to its emollient properties it actually helps you feel that way too.

It makes the beard hairs feel physically smoother and softer, along with the skin. The result? A better feeling beard with less irritation.

Helps your beard  look a whole lot better

Of course coconut oil leaves a generally healthy sheen to your beard hairs too, as well as relaxing and taming them so they become more manageable. Making, ultimately looks to be a better, thicker and more put together beard.

Anti bacterial (due to the high amounts of lauric acid)

Think of it pretty much as a cleansing for your face.

See the Lauric acid within coconut oil actually gets used by your body and is turned into something known as monolaurin which actually helps to prevent dermatitis and even studies shown as a natural “antibiotic against p.acnes”.

There’s a bunch more benefits for coconut oil too, but we’ve covered the main ones that relate to beards:

  1. i) There’s suggestions that it can help with growth and repairing damaged hairs.
  2. ii) It can potentially help with anti bacterial issues

iii) Makes for an excellent moisturiser for the foundation of your beard (i.e your skin).

  1. iv) Helps your beard and your skin feel softer and smoother
  2. v) Prevents an array of beard issues from turning nasty such as protein loss as well as hygral fatigue
  3. vi) Offers a healthy vibrant sheen to your beard hairs.

Like with all beard oil and all our beard products, make sure that you do a patch test before applying straight on to your face. Apply a bit in a discrete place and wait a reasonable period of time to see if there is indeed any reaction of any kind before actually fully applying to your beard.

Make sure you are storing your products correctly too. Typically we advise a somewhat dark, dry place at room temperature. You know the perfect place? Your bathroom cabinet, hey not to mention our oils look freaking awesome sat up on there too - and you have inquisitive guests over asking about it.

Again, if you do have any questions with regards to our beard products, especially our beard oils and why we use the ingredients we do (and if you have a particular interest in coconut oil) then that’s awesome! Just head over to our contact page and be sure to just send a message over and we will get back to you as soon we can.

Looking for the complete beard care option?

I think we might just have it here.

With one of our beard grooming kits.

These sets contain all our very best beard care products that we hand make (right here in Nottinghamshire, UK) in super small quantities with high quality ingredients to make sure you and your beard are quite frankly getting some of the darn best beard products on the market.

First off, you get a beard conditioning oil (that indeed does contain coconut oil) that provides the main leg work in keeping you beard feeling fresh, soft and smelling pretty epic.

This is then followed up by a beard moisturiser beard balm which is a rather innovative product that performs a similar job to the oil, however it’s basically the ‘solid’ version - so it provides a bit of hold to your beard as well.

Then finally a moustache wax, which is of course ann out and out styling product that not only ensures your whiskers look dapper as hell, but helps when it comes to drinking tea or basically any form of eating without getting hairs in your mouth.

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