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Can You Use Beard Oil on Hair?

July 04, 2018

beard oil on hair

Wondering if you can use beard oil on hair?

Funnily enough, we actually get asked this question a fair bit:

  • Can you use beard oil on your actual hair, you know the one on your scalp?

  • Will using beard oil actually benefit your hair too?

  • In fact, should it even be used on your hair?

  • And our natural response is -- 100% absolutely!

    Not only that, we, in fact, recommend you do. Although not the same extent you are using it on your beard - we’ll explain that in just a while - but if you are after a quick answer, then yes.

    There’s no problem whatsoever applying a bit of beard oil to your head hair.

    Your hair will get just the same benefits that the oil offers with your beard if you can try and work your way into the scalp.

    Now before we go any further, we don’t recommend you go ahead and starting pouring out drops of beard oil and start working that into your hair (well actually, hey, if you want to do that go right ahead) - as it just seems a little bit of a waste that’s all.

    You can get actually dedicated hair oil that will do the job it’s specifically designed to do - not that beard oil won’t help out with your hair just potentially to a lesser extent - likewise a hair oil on a beard.

    The best thing to do?

    Is check out the ingredients - you will end up finding a lot of them crossover and only a few subtle differences.

    With our mighty fine range of beard oils, they are more than perfectly fine for sorting out your head hair and even recommend using some of the excesses to run through it.

    Remember also, that not all beard oils are the same. Not by a long shot. If you plan on carrying the oil around in your through the day, it’s worth opting for a lighter blend beard oil than a heavy one, as the latter will potentially weigh down on your hair and make it potentially uncomfortable (and basically give you the feeling of wanting to wash it out constantly).

    Lucky for you though, we produce a range of high quality light blends that will work seamlessly with your hair and help it really pop. If you find yourself getting a bit of a dry scalp, it’s a good time to apply it then too.

    You can check the full range of beard oils and all the scents on our collection page.

    Another thing to bear in mind is the scent. These oils are obviously going to make your hair smell, a little, so if that’s something you don’t want - it’s probably something to stay away from (although we can’t imagine why) - we only get compliments, especially from the Bayrum scented beard oil (granted, it is our specialist oil) and particularly from the fairer sex (if you catch our drift).

    How to go about using beard oil on your head hair

    That said, the best way we recommend.

    Is perhaps apply an extra drop of beard oil than you would normally and work that all the way through your beard - at this point you probably have a little excess left over on your palms.

    At this point, just run the beard oil throughout the hair and like we mentioned before - if you can work it into your actual scalp on your head that would be great.

    Then you can start to get a feeling if it’s benefiting your hair or not? If you don’t feel like it’s working out (by making it feel overly greasy etc.) then losing the extra oil in your hair is a great place to remove the excess. If you do feel like you are getting somewhere, there’s no harm in upping the dose.

    Like we always encourage you do to here on RHBC, have a play, experiment.

    We don’t think grooming should be overly serious. Granted we are 100% serious about making the best possible products, but we encourage you to play with them cause ultimately what is working for one guy with a certain hair and skin type isn’t going to be working for another.

    As mentioned previously however (and at least in or experience, yes we experiment too), what you find you can’t do - at least to have the same success, is apply hair oil directly to your beard (of course, give and take a few examples  - ultimately it depends on the ingredients and the way it has been blended).

    What about other products?

    Can you use a beard balm on your hair.

    Technically, you can indeed and to be fair we have a lot of customers who opt for the texture beard pomade as they find they get quite a distinct look - plus they are safe in the knowledge that the stuff they are actually putting in their is actually good for it.

    With the moustache wax? Although we haven’t actually heard anyone who has tried it yet - this is probably one to avoid. That said, we have heard of a few customers who make the wax more malleable if you were to mix it in with beard oil, although they generally apply it on their beard - might be worth a try on head hair - let us know how it goes, if you decide to go down that route.

    After some sound beard advice?

    • Don’t know the difference between beard oil and beard balm?
    • Is your beard scraggly and sticking out all over the place?
    • Just having a generally unhappy time with your beard and thinking about shaving it off?

    Whatever the issue is you are having with your beard - please do get in touch - let us know of success stories too though!

    How you had to come out the other side of what you thought was a patchy a beard and feel free to drop in bearded selfies too - you never know you might even find that it ends up on the website.

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