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Best Beard Softener for a Softer & Smoother Beard

August 03, 2018

beard softener

Looking for the best beard softener? 

When it comes to beard softeners it’s a term that’s used for a whole range of different products - that said each should act to actually make your beard smoother, more supple and of course ‘softer’.

So what is the best at actually doing that job of a beard softener?

Well, before we get into the specifics.

Let’s discuss exactly the type of products we can be dealing with here:

Beard Conditioner

This is a product that has sort of adopted the term beard softener (at least the most from what we’ve seen), where all it is - essentially - is the equivalent of a hair conditioners but for beards.

And it works very much in the same way as a beard oil in all honesty (which we will get on to in just a moment) however it is for use in the shower. This can either be just after you have used a beard shampoo or you can have a simple conditioning wash on its own.

It basically helps to replenish the beard (especially if the shower is particular hot) with some moisture if it is feeling brittle and dry.

Ultimately, it results in the beard becoming more supple and of course it’s a great way of keeping your beard clean without completely stripping your beard of all it’s moisture too (that said, we still recommend you deep cleanse it with a natural shampoo - once a week - cause beards can smell).

Beard Softening Pads

This is something we haven’t come across too often and to be honest upon using the ones we came across - we weren’t all that impressed - they are meant mainly for the shorter beards, around the stubble phase and quite honestly we think it is a pass.

We wanted to include it on the list though just to show that it was an option out there. The idea is that they smooth out the rigidness at the end of the beard hairs - so sound in principle - but in reality eh not so much (that’s personal though) - it might very well work out for you.

Beard Moisturiser

This is a product that we are particularly proud of.

If you want to check out the beard moisturiser balm.

It’s basically a solid version of the beard oil (that we promise, we will get on to in just a second) offering a moisturising and softening aspect with a lot of carrier oils and butters to help with the process of creating a more supple and well maintained beard. And one that feels great to touch.

Beard Oil

That’s right.

We saved the best till last.

This is the product that will instantly improve your beard game after a few days of frequent use. Your beard will feel softer, smell a whole lot better and will just generally bring out the very best in your beard.

It’s a product that we recommend to everyone.

Even those who are literally one day into bearding as it will help to moisturise your skin and feed into the inner beard game too.

So which is the best beard softener for your beard?


That’s a question for you to answer.

And like we always encourage you to do here at the Robin Hood Beard Co. it’s about having some fun with your beard, experiment a little bit and get to know what works and doesn’t work best for you.

That said, if you are a sure fire way of softening up your beard.

Then we recommend the holistic approach.

Making use of all the products, we’ve listed above.

However, if you were to ask us to narrow it down to just one. We 100% recommend you go with a beard oil.

It is the one product that we believe every single beardsmen whether they are just starting out growing their beard or they are a beardsman with many years experience should own.

If you’re not using any products on your beard now - and want to help soften it up - that’s the one we recommend.

Bear in mind though not all beard oils are made the same (so it’s worth doing your research) that said, if you want to save time - you can pick one up from us - a leading beard oil brewer who hand makes every single bottle to ensure that painstaking high quality control is maintained - and quite frankly producing some of the best darn beard oil in the UK.

Check them out here:

Want more beardy advice for a better looking beard?

Then we are right here for you.

We love having emails from guys who are just setting out growing their beards, are midway through and struggling with their beard or have quite vast experience and just want a general chit chat.

Literally, anything you are pondering with regards to your beard then just get in touch.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, any problems you are having - and we will try or best to offer the best beard grooming advice we can (we’ve helped out hundreds in the past!) - I’m sure we can help you out too.

All you gotta do, is hit us up on our contact page (you can find in the top right hand navigation bar “contact us”) and hang tight, then we’ll be with you as soon as we can!

Here’s the ONE thing that can make your beard even more freaking awesome.

If on the other hand.

You are looking for a quick fix to improve the overall look of your beard.

Our answer usually involves two steps.

i) Getting a fresh new trim for your beard (by a trusted beard barber).

And then:

ii) Get yourself one of our specialist kits for beards.

Why is it so special? Well, not go into too much detail here (more can be find on the grooming kit page) but we’ve designed every product - the oil, balm and wax - to work together rather than distinctly performing different tasks and not blending together.

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