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Best Beard Oil Alternative? Find Out Here

June 07, 2018

beard oil alternative

Looking for the best beard oil alternative?

Beard oil sometimes just doesn’t work out for you and your beard.

We completely get it.

Sometimes it can feel heavy, sometimes it can cause some breakouts and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is working out with you.

Of course, if you haven’t tried our range - made specifically to be a light blend that works with the natural oils on your skin and have been consistently been 5 star rated for producing awesome results for guys beards.

Luckily, there are other beard oil substitutes out there as well.

That said, some ‘substitutes’ are better than others, for instance, using just carrier oils, face lotions, moisturisers

The best beard oil alternative for your beard though is a beard moisturiser.

Very much like the one we produce right here at Robin Hood Beard Co.

What is a beard moisturiser?

Well, we actually call our beard moisturiser a ‘multi’ beard balm for one good reason. It basically performs a range of different jobs for your beard all at once. You can think of it like the following:

i) A conditioning beard product

If you were to compare the ingredients of the beard oil and moisturiser you will see they are literally almost identical apart from the latter contains two extra ingredients - to help retain the moisture in throughout the day.

We often refer to it as the dry version of beard oil, it will help to supply the necessary nutrition, vitamins and proteins your beard needs but just in a different format.

ii) A styling beard product

You will also notice that when you do apply it (we will later explain that) you actually get a bit hold that you can shape your beard with. It’s only mild as well still want you beard to look completely natural, you will still find that you certainly get a much better grip with it than a beard oil was offering you.

iii) A beard natural fragrance

Of course, just like beard oil, a moisturizer will help to infuse a great scent into your beard too. We currently offer it in the following: The Outlaw (which is a bay rum & cigar blend), Old Smoke (which is a masculine whiskey blend), Dark Honey (a classic honey and cedarwood combination = gorgeous), Temptation (that has you smelling an awful lot like Christmas) and finally Rusky Love (which smells as raunchy as it sounds, a true favourite).

iv) A beard grooming product

It also gives your beard an overall more matted type healthy appearance. It helps to give the look of a bit more perceived depth. Where a beard oil leaves a glistening shine to the beard (which not everyone digs, and again, we get that) this leaves a dryer, yet textured and more mature look to the beard which we definitely dig.

Actually what we do like to do, and what we find makes for the best looking beard - sometimes a good combination is using just a little beard oil on top to help bring the whole beard to life a bit more and adds a richer depths with the scent too that we feel really works well - both in complexity of the aroma and how long the scent lasts for.

There’s no other product (including a beard oil) that takes care of so many different aspects of the beard than the multi balm. That’s why we recommend if you were to have just ‘one’ product that you needed to take with you on holiday or are on a tight budget and you need to make the best of your beard as you can, then this would be the one to get.

How to apply?

Just like a beard oil.

It is extremely easy to apply.

All you’ve got to do is either the follow video instructions above (as Lee one of our proud beard associates is clearly demonstrating) or just follow these directions:

i) Simply crack open a tin - give an obligatory sniff, cause ‘ut damn, these balms smell good!

ii) Scrape some up with the back of your thumbnail (how much you want depends on the amount of beard you’ve got, always try to urge on the side of caution because you can always add more if need be).

iii) Work it straight in between your palms, make sure it is properly worked down - you don’t want any clumps or bits still remaining.

iv) Deep dive straight into your beard. Get to the very foundations of your skin and massage it in gently (this is to help stimulate blood flow to your beard follicles which helps with growth) working to spread the balm right through the beard.

v) You should notice that you have a bit of styling and control with the balm, so this is a perfect time to actually start shaping up the beard if need be. Works particularly well on shorter beards. If you are in need of something to tackle more unruly beard hairs we recommend the beard pomade.

vi) An optional extra step is just run through it with a beard brush or comb to help straighten it up a bit more.

Should you continue without beard oil?

We’re just gonna give it to you straight.

We really believe in beard oil and think pretty much all beardsmen should be using them, and if you’ve got a particularly rough beard - then use it alongside the beard moisturiser.

And if you haven't found a beard oil you like yet, check out our beard oil set -- and you can test a range in one saver package. 

Of course, that said.

If you don’t get on with it then that’s completely cool, you do the best for you and your beard - what we would suggest though is give ours a little try...

I mean we don’t like to brag, but we handcraft some really, really good stuff.

It’s specifically produced to feel light on your beard, work ‘with’ the natural oil that resides on your face and overall produces a pretty awesome looking beard.

Like always if you are after more information regarding our beard oil or any general beardy advice then do not hesitate at all to get in touch with us. We love helping fellow furry fellows out!

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